Mar 29, 2012

Spring, Hope, and Writing

By Susan G. Haws

This is a picture I took last year just before Easter. Spring is the season of birth and rebirth; hope after winter; Easter and spiritual hope in Christ. 

Whether spring makes you think of cleaning; fluffy chicks and bunnies; or rain,gardens, and vases of lilacs and irises. I hope it brings you renewed faith and hope in your own writing goals.

If you are like me and get discouraged because you find obstacles blocking your writing goals and the promises you made to yourself to keep writing a high priority of your time and wonder if you will ever get past the these blocks and progress from the potholder crocheter to the afghan and sweater crocheter of the writing world. I wanted to share a few things besides chocolate that give me the feelings of a spring bouquet blooming in my heart. 

First, reading a new book that captures my imagination. Second, rereading a well loved book that captures my heart. Seeing a favorite book made in to an exciting movie. (Example: Saw Hunger Games)

Third,I wanted to share two of my many well loved quotes. 

"Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar." -- E. B. White

This next quote I found on Facebook this week and instantly loved.

May you work magic in your writing.


  1. Very nice analogy. Why did you like these books? Aren't they about teenagers fighting to the death? I'm curious

  2. Terri, from things you have written here I suspect these books would be right up your alley so I will just touch some themes and not try to spoil too much. But if you email me I would love to discuss more

    The Hunger Games Trilogy is a gladiator situation just like Lord of the Rings is a war against an evil lord and his minion monsters.

    In the Hunger Games the Main Character K.E. offers her life for the life of her sister and thus sets in motion the sequence of events that not only change her life, the lives of the people she knows but her whole world.

    K.E. is just trying to survive. She is not trying to lead the oppressed population into rebellion. Not that she wouldn't like to defy the government.

    The hunger games are survivalist reality TV crossed with ancient Roman Colosseum death sport entertainment. They are used to entertain the citizens of the capital and to keep the rebellious districts under control.

  3. I loved the Sagan quote. Thanks for sharing that.

    And I'll stick up for Hunger Games, too. It's not about teens killing's about the human spirit and the will to survive for someone else.


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