Mar 3, 2012

My Day to Blog Ends in 10 Minutes

by Cindy R. Williams

It just dawned, or dusked on me for that matter, that today is my day to blog and it is way past my bedtime. In fact I have ten minutes until this blog site belongs to my friend, Marsha. I had planned all week to tell you all wonderful things about the ANWA Conference, but my mind is now mush. I do have a few things rattling around that I will share.

I learned that the ANWA conference is one of the best things about being a writer.
I learned that I meet wonderful writers that inspire me at the ANWA conference.
I learned that it is a magnificent blessing to serve on the ANWA conference committee.
I learned that it takes a bunch of go-getter, mover and shaker, fearless women to make the ANWA conference happen.
I learned to experience a new level of mental and physical exhaustion after this ANWA conference.
I learned that "exponential" is not just in math, but is also how the Lord blesses us with mighty miracles at the ANWA conference.
I learned an incredible amount of writing tips to improve my writing at the ANWA conference.
I met and hob-nobbed with some of the most incredible agents, editors and authors in the business at the ANWA conference.
I learned that the time, money and effort to be at the ANWA conference will come back to me ten fold.
I learned that the ANWA conference is not to be taken lightly . . . it can and will change lives.

If you had the great fortune of attending any of the past ANWA conferences, what did you learn?


  1. Every time I attend an ANWA conference I become just a little less shy. Is that something I learned? Not necessarily, but it is a benefit of being with a large group of caring LDS women.

    Thank you, Cindy, for your part in making the conference the best it could be.

  2. Thanks for the great comment Debra. Tons of benefits both through learnng and growing right?

  3. I would have to say that my list from attending past conferences would be a lot like yours in many ways. ANWA has grown...improved...and evolved over the years...just like we should be doing!

    Here's to hoping I can attend next year!


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