Jun 24, 2012

Blog Team Member Changes

by Marsha Ward

As Debra Erfert told you on Friday, she is stepping down from our Blog Team. As the Blog's creator, I give Team members the option every six months of continuing or leaving, depending upon their life needs. Debra has signed a book contract (YAY!) and needs to focus on getting set up on the Internet as an Author, with all the web sites and social media pages that entails. Others on our team have similar or varying life needs, and will also leave us by June 30th. This means we'll be introducing new members of the Team in subsequent weeks.

Thank you, Debra!

While we miss our departing team members, introducing new blood and new viewpoints to the blog is always exciting. Keep watching this space!


  1. Thank you, Marsha, for the wonderful experience I needed to be a better blogger. I know that my own personal blog will be the better for the opportunity you've given me these past few months. You are truly gracious in relieving me of my Friday duties. I know my replacement will give it her own unique touch. I wish her, and the ANWA Founders & Friends well.

  2. congratulations Debra! We will miss your posts! Good luck on your new adventures! hugs~

  3. Congrats Debra, I look forward to reading your new blog.


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