Jun 3, 2012

Moving Should Be Banned, but Thank GOODNESS for Summer!

By Jennifer Debenham

Moving should be banned. That was my prevailing thought a little over four years ago when my family moved from Reno, Nevada to Issaquah, Washington, just outside of Seattle. My heart ached for all the dear people I had left behind--all the familiar places and comfortable routines. How would I ever recover? But we adjusted to our new home and embraced the culture, the people, and the lifestyle of the Pacific northwest.

Then, four months ago, we moved from Issaquah back to Nevada, but to a different city this time. Again I thought, "Moving is the pits." This time, however, the majority of my pain has been in watching my children struggle with the shock of moving from a large city, full of culture and interesting things to do, to a tiny community that consists of two restaurants, a gas station, a tiny grocery store, and a Subway. A twenty minute drive brings us to a "city" of 25,000, but my poor kiddos have been in severe culture and climate shock ever since we got here. Funny how quickly you can forget the desert when you're surrounded by trees and rain.

So, though I always look forward to the end of the school year, I don't think I've ever looked forward to it quite as much as I did this year. And as of Friday, SUMMER HAS BEGUN for the Debenham crew!

It seems like a half dozen years ago that we started the school year in Washington, even if it was just in September. I am looking forward to having some summertime fun and a period of low stress. I'm sure we'll all be looking forward to the back-to-school fever of late August, but for now, I'm ready for some running through the sprinklers, some slurping on sno-cones, and some reading a book under a shade tree.

What is summer to you?


  1. After moving about two dozen times in my life, I'm definitely not a fan of it! Hopefully you're kids will adjust quickly!

  2. Yeah...about that moving thing...I hear ya! Sorry the kiddos have had such a difficult time. We are moving out tomorrow and Tuesday and I am very glad it's summer! Hope yours is a great one! hugs~

  3. I moved a dozen times or more while growing up. I can feel your kid's pain. Glad summer has arrived. Keep them busy, Mom!

  4. I have moved back and forth from Arizona to Washington four times, it is a hard move and the climate change is almost as hard.

    However, I compare Washington's summer to Phx Valley summer. I love the summer up here, cool breeze sunny blue sky days and sun until 10 pm.

    Summer to me is when we pack up and spend six or so weeks seeing family on the East coast and Southwest. It does not feel like summer until we board the plane.

    I also love the sound of ocean waves and tend to write many short stories during this time and longer ones in the winter.


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