Jun 26, 2012

Lady Bonbons

By Leesa Ostrander

I have been thinking about the use of a pen name.

What are the benefits? The disadvantages? Legal?

One reason I am thinking of a name, and I have discussed it here before, is because I teach college and want a separation of my writing and work.

I have begun my adventure into the freelance writer profession and need to establish the name now.  (My editing class begins in August, yay)

I have met a few authors in the general market that have multiple names for their different genres.

What do you think?

In the process of researching I found this (http://www.poemofquotes.com/tools/pen-name.php). This site will generate a name for you. I need to note this is the name generated for me (BIG smile), “Our Lady Bonbons”

Please refer to me as Lady Bonbons when we in person now. (hehe).


  1. LOL, I think I might pick up a book by an author named Lady Bonbons (although, if I'm going to be honest, Lady Bonbons sounds laughably scandalous)

    We have several ANWA friends who use pen names for different genres or just to separate one professional life from another. I don't think they run into too many (legal) problems or otherwise.

    1. Thank you, Kaylee. I cna see the scandal in the review of Lady Bonbons already. ;-)

  2. Hiya. I've been thinking about the same thing because there are so many different genre I want to write about and the whole brand recognition thing, reader confusion, etc., etc. However, I think it was Tristi (I don't have time to hunt down the blog post) that decided just to go for it and use her own name for everything.

    On the other hand, even publishing houses have different names for the different genres they produce, so, who knows?

    What do you think of Penelope Talbot? (My maiden name is Tarbet, a bastardization.) Too lusty? Like it should be blazoned in red scroll-work across a book cover with a half-naked guy and a fainting girl on it?

    1. Ah, I love Penelope Talbot! and great visual.

      Also, was it Tristi Pinkston?

  3. I like different pen names for genre's when I pick up a book so I know what type I am buying (even when I buy the same author under multiple pen names). so I thought I might do that too. Keep me updated what you decide.

  4. It is very popular right now. Because a lot of writers cross genres and can't really do so because they are so recognizable in the other genre. So I say go for it. It's much easier than you might think. I was going to use Terri Wagner for nonfiction and Terri Dean for sci/fi myself. All are my names just in a different order.


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