Jun 25, 2012

Hello, My Name is...

By Tracy Astle

The King and I
Deborah Kerr
© 1956 20th Century Fox

Everybody sing along - Getting to know you,
                                    Getting to know all about you
                                    Getting to like you,
                                    Getting to hope you like me.

I know I've been around a little while, but since I live hundreds of miles away from the closest ANWA member, I've only ever met one of you in person (Hi, Kristin!). I really would like to get to know all of you better.

Right about now you may be thinking, "Attend the ANWA Conference. It's a great place to meet us." I would love to do that, but as long as I work in an accounting office, that won't be possible since the conference always falls during tax season when I can't take vacation. I may crash the Pacific Northwest conference/retreat soon, but until then I'm hoping you'll humor me and play along today.

In the comments, would you please tell me -
     Your name
     Where you live
     What season of life you're in
     Your favorite book and/or movie
     Anything else you feel like sharing

I'll go first.
    I'm Tracy Astle
    I live in Yuba City, California (in northern CA, just north of Sacramento)
    I have four children. My youngest, and only daughter, just graduated from high school, so come fall I'll be an empty nester.
    Aside from Testaments, my favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life.
    My very most favorite book is The Book of Mormon (maybe corny, but true). Next in line would be The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.
    I am a hard core optimist.

If you're tricky and know how to include a picture of yourself, that would be great. Unfortunately, I'm not tricky like that yet.

I'm excited to hear about you!


  1. I'm Kris Ellsworth
    I live in Mesa, Arizona
    I'm a young single adult with a BA in Theatre Arts and just started considering returning to get a Masters in Special Education.
    I simply love fairy tale adaptations, whether movie or book. I really enjoy reading Mercedes Lackey's fairy tale adaptations. Also, foreign adaptation films are my favorite, like the opera "La Cenerentola" and the film "Tri orísky pro Popelku" (Three Wishes for Cinderella).
    I teach deaf children, and I simply love it!

  2. Hello, I'm Sarah Hyatt
    I live in Olympia, WA with my Husband of 11 yrs & three children (oldest is 15, middle is 9, & youngest is 7)
    For the most part I am a Homemaker but I do housekeeping on the side & some freelance graphic design.
    My favorite book ever is "Little Women" and my favortite movie would be anything with Cary Grant! ;)
    I am currently writing my first novel (YA) and am trying to get an ANWA Chapter started here!

  3. Tracy!!
    I'm going to so...sorta close to you! I plan on being at scbwi in August :-)

    Jolene Perry
    Wasilla, Alaska
    I'm a used to be middle and high school teacher of French, math, and History.
    I'm 35
    Two kids, 8&5
    A husband who is a prosecutor.
    NO way could I pick a fav book or movie.
    but I will say that I've watched it's a wonderful life and french kiss more than any other.
    I'veread pride and prejudice and Jane Eyre more than any other.

  4. Hi-ya!

    My name is Rachel K., and I live in Chandler, AZ. I DID attend the ANWA conference this year, and LOVED it! I have yet to become an ANWA member, however, due to the fact that my life is crazy right now. (To understand why, see my answers below! *wink*)

    - I'm in the midst of raising kids from teenage down to toddler (Eleven, to give you an exact number), and expecting a new baby in early October. Oh, and I homeschool them all. (See why I'm busy?)

    - My FAVORITE book of all time is "Persuasion" by Jane Austen, but my SECOND favorite is "Howl's Moving Castle" by Diana Wynn Jones. I adore both of their writing styles and unique voices.

    - My favorite movie of all time is "Sense and Sensibility." (I think Emma Thompson outdid Miss Austen in her writing for the screenplay, but SHHH! Don't tell Jane I said so!)

    - I am an Anglophile (ya think?!) and adore anything by Austen, Dickens, and Shakespeare. I actually teach a Shakespeare class for homeschool teens, and train other moms and teachers on how to teach Shakespeare to teens. I also direct Shakespeare plays, design costumes, and yes-- I also write. I just finished directing a production of "Fiddler on the Roof" for our homeschool group this past Spring, and it was so fun and so exhausting, that I'm taking next Spring OFF.

    - I've been blogging since 2005, and am fond of writing opinion/persuasive essays. My blogs are at www.oldfashionemotherhood.com and at http://thoughtsfromthehearth.blogspot.com . I also write monthly for an LDS homeschooling blog at http://www.latter-dayhomeschooling.com/ .

    - Projects: I've tried to write fiction, but failed miserably. I just can't bear to be mean to my characters-- and this is a real problem! I am currently elbow-deep in several non-fiction projects, including one based on my Old-Fashioned Motherhood blog. I hope at least one of them sees the ink of print someday, but in the meantime, I love blogging.

    What a fun subject! It's nice to "meet" so many of you. *grin*

    1. Rachel---Golly! Kindred spirit.

      Persuasion is my favorite JA book, and JA my favorite classical author. The 1995 movie with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds my favorite adaptation.

      I also like the book Howl's Moving Castle. However, I adore the movie by Hayao Myazaki. Gorgeous!

      Charles Dickens---check.
      Fiddler on the Roof---check.
      Anglophile---not ready to come out of the closet, I think.
      I wanted twelve kids. Does that count? ;->
      Homeschooling? Not on a dare.

      Thanks for introducing yourself. It's good to get to know you.

    2. :-D It's nice to meet you, Penny! (Ciaran Hinds as Captain Wentworth= *swoon*) It sounds like we could get into some real trouble hanging out. ;-) Are you in AZ???

    3. Unfortunately, no (for hanging-out purposes, anyway). I'm a naturalized Texan, with air redolent with birdsong and jasmine and magnolias in bloom.

    4. My daddy was born and raised in the South (Alabama), but all I can claim is being born in Georgia and living there as a tiny child. (And having lots of kin from there, but we didn't see them much-- I grew up in Idaho.)

      MAGNOLIAS! Ahhh... We do have jasmine here, which is lovely. I'm a gardenia girl myself.

      (I do claim to be part "Scarlet"-- okay, more Melanie than Scarlet, but that's good, right?)

    5. I always considered Melanie the hero of that story, but maybe I'm just weird. I have gardenias next to my front door and jasmine at the back.

  5. Hi Tracy! We've read each other's projects, but I'm hoping someday we'll get to meet in person :)

    I'm Kaylee Baldwin.

    I live in Sahuarita, AZ (small town S. of Tucson that I'd never heard of until I moved here.)

    I am a mom of four, ages: 6,5,3, and 7 weeks old.
    Favorite movie: Ummmm, as cheese-bally as it is, I love the LDS version of P&P. Its at a neck-in-neck tie with While You Were Sleeping and You've Got Mail. I watch all three at least once a year.

    Favorite Book: That's waaaay harder. I'm always reading new books that become my "favorite." Probably Fire of the Covenant by Gerald Lund, though. That's always the one I tell people to read if they haven't.

    My life is nutty right now, but I love writing (slowly) and I love getting to know all of you!

    1. Our family loves watching the LDS P&P, too! My kids beg to watch it-- so funny!

      How can we writers not like a movie where the lead character is an aspiring writer??? :-D

  6. Yuba City, huh? I've lived in Sacramento three different times. =D And Santa Rosa and San Francisco (lotsa "S" cities in that state).

    My name (if you didn't notice it is Donna K. Weaver

    I currently live in Orem, Utah and have done so for nearly 20 years (longer than I've EVER lived anywhere else)

    Season on my life. That's a nice way of asking how old we are. Um, let's say I'm young for an old person.

    I've got too many favorites to give you just one for either books or films. But I love Anne McCaffrey, Brandon Sanderson, and Jo Rowling to name a few.

    I've got a wonderfully supportive hubby, six children, and eight grandchildren.

  7. I'm Kami Cornwall and I live in Pullman, Washington (that's the eastern side with the rolling hills).

    I have lived in 7 different states: Kentucky, Utah, Idaho, Washington, California, Colorado, Florida.

    I'm 39 years old with 2 young boys (ages 10 and 6).

    Favorite book right now is one I'm reading from Stephen King called 11/22/63. It's a time-travel story where the protagonist wants to stop the JFK assassination.

    I don't really have a favorite movie but I get pretty excited over anything with Hugh Jackman in it. I love acting and love even more watching how other actors transform into their characters so solidly.

    I'm going back to college to get my master's in psychology this fall and am really excited for a new chapter in my life! Still working on my writing but I love that too! ANWA keeps me inspired to move on.

  8. Hi! Tina Scott here. I'm a native of AZ. Born and raised near the Mesa Temple, and now I finally live nearby the temple again. I've got 7 grown kids, and 7 grandkids. I don't currently have a favorite book or movie (other than the Book of Mormon, of course). Surprisingly enough, I write historical fiction, and fantasy. I'm not traditionally published. Yet.

  9. Hi Tracy
    I'm Donna Hatch. I live in Arizona. I have 6 children ranging on age from 23 to 9. I have many favorites, but some of my new favorite movies are Tangled, How to Train Your Dragon, The Avengers. I write Historical Romances and fantasy and I have 7 titles in publication. My new agent will hopefully find me a home in a larger publisher than either of the two I'm with now.

    I look forward to meeting yo in person some day.

  10. Hi Tracy!

    I'm Tanya Parker Mills.
    I live in Richland, WA (and hope you decide to come to the retreat in November).
    I'm about where you are in life...two kids, both graduated (the oldest from BYU, the youngest from high school), except my son has Asperger's and will be staying at home doing college online.
    Too many favorite books but my all-time favorite movie is "Lawrence of Arabia."
    I write suspenseful women's fiction (one book published and another on the way).

    1. Hi Tanya,

      My 18yo daughter with Asperger's is also staying home to do college online. That's so cool!


  11. I'm Lydia Lindsey.
    Born in Orem, UT and now back to stay. An avid traveler and late bloomer in marriage I've claimed WA and CA also as home.
    I'm a mother of "triplets" (Twins, 9 and an 8 year old). I consider my prior life (B.C-before children) as a whole different realm from the life I lead now. I taught school for ten year (high school--an age I understand), now I'm surrounded by real immaturity.
    I love anything Regency and Romance (both movie and in books, of course all squeaky clean). When to two meet it's Heaven.
    I write what I read and hope someday to be published.

  12. Hi, I'm Leesa and I live in Auburn, WA. My famil y if from AZ and still lives there adn in SoCal.
    I have two daughters and a husband that flys all over the world, therefore, he is gone most of the month. I am finally starting a second masters in professional writing.

    My favorite movie is... not sure. I do not watch many movies or TV shows.

    My favorite books are Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott and The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon. I have not been reading much lately, since I am in the middle of a challenge with my mom to read the BofM in 90 days. And I am fully enjoying teh challenge and the conversations with mom.

  13. HI Tracy.
    I'm Kari Pike. I don't have a permanent address at this time...but we are living in a tent trailer in my sil's driveway in Alpine, Utah. I have 9 children - ages 14 - 33 and 17+ grandchildren.

    I have to say that my favorite book is the Book of Mormon. Hands down. I love proper romances, especially Regency, but I also love to read historical fiction, mystery, and suspense, depending on my mood.

    I've been a member of ANWA for about 16 years now...and have written for the ANWA blog pretty much since it began.
    I hope we get to meet in person one day!

  14. My name is Gina Denny and I live in Phoenix, AZ.

    I am a stay at home mom (and part time grad student) with three little boys, ages 6, 4 and 2.

    My favorite book is Harry Potter, and yes, I am referring to all seven as if they are one.

    My favorite movie is an edited version of an R-rated movie, but I'm afraid I'll be judged for that, so I'll just keep quiet.

    I really, really like pasta.

  15. Hey, howdy hey! What a fun post.

    I'm Penny Freeman, living in Houston, TX. I've lived in Utah, California, Idaho, and Colorado, but we're naturalized Texans since we've been here 18+ years. Our families are in Utah, Wasatch Front.

    I'm married x32 years but wed at age 17. You do the math. I have three sons, three DILs (I count them because they're daughters, dang it!), and six grandchildren (4 boys, 2 girls).

    Favorite book/movie? What genre? What time period? What am I reading right now? I blog about that at http://amindwandering.blogspot.com. I'm partial to Tolstoy, Austen, the Bronte sisters, Scott, Dumas, Hugo . . . movies: costume dramas, great animation, action/adventure, fantasy.

    I love history because it fascinates me to watch the Lord's hand moving and directing mankind to accomplish His designs, even through the terrible actions of evil men.

    Besides my blog, I'm currently writing a bit of historical/romantic fiction set in the Napoleonic era. (I'd say Regency, except my main character is a soldier fighting the French, so . . . ) I also have a few short stories in my head and have just discovered flash fiction, which is really cool.

    I also quilt. And sketch. And sew.

    Now I'm done.

    1. (Duh! If only I had scrolled down I would have seen you're in TX. My bad!)

      BTW, I married at age 17, too. :-D We DO have a lot in common!

      I am going straight to your blog to "follow" you right now. I look forward to getting to know you more. :-)

    2. hahaha! I just realized I do have twelve kids---if you add them all together, boys, girls, and grandbabies. Do you have a blog?

    3. Two, actually. *blush*



      I read your blog today, and I'm so excited about the WWI book you're reviewing!

  16. I'm Raejean Roberts. I lived in Rocklin, Californina before moving to Queen Creek, Arizona. My husband dragged me to a concert in Yuba City once. I liked the city, but not the concert.

    I have five kiddos. My oldest is married and turned me into a grandma last year. I have one going away to college in the fall, one in high school and the twins are finishing up elementary school.

    Like many readers, I have a hard time choosing a favorite book. At the top of the list is These Is my Words series. I like watching movies with my kids, so my favorites consist of Dispicible Me and Tangled. Frying pans, who knew?

    I write for a couple of mom blogs and hope to make a living in the writing world. I'm working on a birthday party book and a fun romance novel.

    1. *waving* Hi Raejean! Thanks for sitting by lonely me for lunch at the ANWA conference. :-)

    2. Hey, Raejean. I have the two sequels to These Is My Words sitting on my Pembrook table itching at me. I've got to get to them before they drive me nuts. The first was fantastic. Good luck with the writing. What are the blogs to which you contribute?

  17. Hi, I'm Susan Haws. I live in Mesa Arizona. I have a dog and two cats. I am 46.
    I have a hard time picking favorites in books and movies.
    Movie wise Avatar, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Harry Potter series are some of my favorites.
    Book wise Harry Potter especially The Deathly Hallows volume and Lloyd C. Douglas books, J.R.R. Tolkien. Are some of my all time favorites.
    I am always looking forward to new movies and new books. I love to rewatch and reread old favorites.


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