Jun 4, 2012

They're Like Furry Children!

by Kristin Baker Przybyla

It never fails. I make the commitment to sit down and write, and my cat decides it's Cuddle Time. If I'm on my laptop, something similar to the cartoon above happens. Either my chest or the keyboard becomes prime kitty napping territory. If I'm working on my hubby's desk PC, Oreo claims the spot between the keyboard and the monitors, and gradually increases his territory until the keyboard falls into my lap and loose items on the desk (phone chargers, USB drives, books, Doctor Who collectibles) topple between the desk and the wall. If I plop him on the floor, he pops back up in about 30 seconds. There is no avoiding Cuddle Time.

A stealthy foot already starting to push away the keyboard

Vigilantly guarding his territory

Any fingers that try to remove the cat will get nommed.

I love my kitty boy because of, not in spite of, his annoying timing for snuggles. The unconditional love of a pet does a lot for a troubled and busy spirit.

Do any of you have the joy of being bugged by a cat, dog, ferret, hedgehog, or other furry/feathered child, while you're trying to get in your daily word count?


  1. Haha! What a great cat! Yes, our cat (still a kitten) always has to investigate when I am working. She loves to try to catch papers as they come out of the printer. I leave a squirt bottle on the table next to me to discourage her getting on the table though. She respects the squirt bottle. haha. great post! thanks!

  2. OH yes! I thought you were talking about my cat, Nightmare. He does the same and only shows up when I really need to work. He also dominates the video when I skype with my family and paws at the curser when I am making presentations.

    Although, he is a character in my story, in human form and worth every frustrating mistypes when he lays on the keyboard.

  3. I believe it's the hum of the commuter that the cats are drawn to, or the electrical field that surrounds them. Or they just like to be the center of attention. Yeah, that's it. Fun post!

  4. The cartoons and the photos have it perfectly. Have 1 dog 2 cats. Either your cat has telepathy with mine or it is in the genes behavior.
    My cats will often settle for leg time if they don't want total attention. (I do most computer time in my recliner.)


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