Jun 19, 2012

My Dad

by Terri Wagner

My dad turned 79 on May 31. We had to make him promise we could do something big for his 80th next year. It hasn't been a good year for his health. Lots of small issues all making him feel like what's the point. And yet all these issues while chronic and frustrating are livable. He can continue to coast his way into heaven.

I know he'll go because my dad showed me what a father's love is all about. Because of him, I was able to accept the concept of a Heavenly Father very easily. Does that mean my dad was a fairy godfather, oh no...he was a military brat who joined the military. My dad had no trouble telling me just what I was doing wrong, and what I had to do to get it right. But he always adds what he'll do to help me.

I've spent the last 16 years of my life getting to know my dad as a fellow adult and roommate. It's been trying in some ways because of course he's always your dad. But I've learned things I never knew. Things I will always treasure.

I want to write his story one day so the next generations will know him as I have known him. It's an undertaking to be sure, but worth it to share him with others.

Thanks dad. I don't say that enough for me but probably too much for you. He only likes the sappy stuff from my sister who loves to indulge him. Me? I stick to the cutest stuff. It works for us.

Love you dad!!!!


  1. Terri! I wish I could meet your Dad! He's just a year behind my Dad...and it sounds like they have similar personalities. My Dad is having some difficult health issues too. It's hard to watch them get older. Great post!hugs~

  2. Terri, My dad is gone but we were both blessed to have good dads.
    I am roommates with my mom, turning 90 in Aug. I can relate.


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