Jun 7, 2012

People Missed and Insecurities

by Susan G. Haws

First off, today, the last two weeks, this whole year and decade have zipped by in fast forward. It is 9:49 PM as I am starting this blog. (So probably no one will see this.) I have been working on a few ideas but I keep adding and deleting so I will play with them some more before sharing.

I would to mention the recent passing of two writers: Dean Cody Kyrobie and Ray Bradbury. I met Cody at David Farland's writing workshop last year at this time, and while I never met Ray Bradbury, he has also influenced me through his writing. I pray for comfort for their families.

On a significantly lighter note, I will share a silly insecurity I visit periodically when I haven't met my goals or when I admire, sometimes to the point of envy, the work of other writers.

I worry my characters will give up on me and go harass some other aspiring or, worse yet, accomplished writer. Someone that will actually do them justice and maybe even make them into household names, and action figure merchandise. Does anyone else share this fear?  


  1. I'll miss Ray Bradbury. He's the first Sci/Fi guy I read as a kid. He was in his 90s when he passed, but I wonder if he was still writing. I bet he had an open manuscript.

    Strange that you should bring up your weird worry. Yes, I had this strange fear that someone else will write about my paranormal characters before I will ever get a chance to publish them, and then it will be too late. I keep looking and worrying every time a new book comes out that is too similar to mine. I never thought about action figures. Sheesh, thanks for the additional fear.

  2. I saw your post! It took me a day or two, but I found it. I fear my characters will simply fade away from inattention and neglect. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, as only the best would stay vivid in your memory, neh? Only those would be worthy of writing about.

    I do worry that my ideas will turn up elsewhere and that I'm not as brilliantly original as I've convinced myself that I am. That's the biggest reason I shy away from books in the same genre. Sad indeed.

    I'm trying to change that, though. I've convinced myself that either I'll feel superior or inspired. Either way, it should be win-win.

  3. Debra, Penny thank you so much for letting me know I am not a lone wolf.
    Sorry about adding a merchandise fear to the mix Debra.
    Penny, I will try to tell myself that that the best ideas survive.


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