Jun 18, 2012

Remembering My Dad

by Kristin Baker Przybyla

I'm sorry my post is so late today! I had the hardest time signing in to Blogger, but I finally figured it out. Change + Kristin = massive confusion!

With Father's Day recently past, I was of course thinking about my dad. We lost him in 1998 to lung cancer, and I still miss him terribly. Although my parents were divorced, my mom and dad got along pretty well as friends in later years, and up until the day he died, he referred to my mom by her affectionate nickname of "Bear." My brother, sister, and I have great memories of exploring the countryside at the various agricultural plants where he would live and work. (But don't get me started on the giant black-and-yellow spiders that would jump out at you from their webs in the field!)

I thought I'd attach a few pictures of my dad that have special meaning to me. And although I miss him, I'm comforted with the knowledge that I'll see him again someday.

This was taken at Mandeville Island near Tracy, CA - the last place he lived for several years before he died. Typical of my dad, he was always out in the field, mud-encrusted, but always making everyone around him laugh.

Dad was a Chevy man, so at a birthday party/family reunion, nobody could resist giving him a few gag gifts!

This picture is the most precious to me. He surprised me by showing up the day my daughter Emily was born. This was two months before he passed away.


  1. Your dad sounds like he was a most interesting man! Thank you for introducing him to us! Sweet post!

  2. Kristin, I lost my dad around the same time you lost yours. The world would be a better place if there were more good dads like yours and mine. Thank you for sharing memories of your dad.


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