May 1, 2009

Alone in the Water

Sarah Albrecht

I posted this several months ago on Stacy Anderson's As a Beacon Light blog and thought I'd share it here.

Two simultaneous classes ran during a recent session at my preschool daughter’s swim school: hers, and a mom and tots class. The last day of the session, only my daughter and one little boy that looked about two came to their respective classes. The little boy had cried through every class. Today was no different; in fact, it was worse. For this final class, and according to normal procedure, his mother didn’t come into the water with him so that he could experience working through the various activities with someone else.

He hated it.

He hated it so much his mother had to leave in order to not be a distraction. Near the end of class, as the little boy wailed, I stepped into the small adjacent office to fetch a tissue for my daughter. The boy’s mother sat on a white resin chair just inside the door, a lovely woman with long dark hair and sculpted cheekbones, her hands clasped tightly between her legs. She was carefully monitoring her son while just as carefully staying out of sight because his progress in the essential skill of swimming depended on her absence.

Most parents have experienced similar situations. Since I witnessed rather than participated in this one, though, I could see the big picture more objectively. In fact, it reminded me sharply of our loving Father, sitting just out of sight to monitor our progress in essential growth while we, not understanding the trial in the larger scheme of life, feel alone in the water.

I like to picture Him there.


  1. I too Sarah see Heavenly Father almost reaching out with His arms wanting to comfort us but knowing we have to endure and experience this pain. And it is a great comfort to know He is near by.

  2. Very cool.
    I'm going to start saying out loud, "I know you're around the corner." Maybe it will help calm me when I'm screaming in the water.
    Thanks for the big picture.

  3. I love this analogy! It is a beautiful picture. Thanks for reflecting this light into my day!


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