May 24, 2009


By Shawnette Nielson

As now a baby comes along
To join us in our family song,
I sit and ponder a parent’s role
To help their children through earths toil.

This topsy-turvy world surrounds
Filled with temptation, lies, and sound
Distracting from the Holy One
Who strives to lead us to the Sun.

Open our eyes for we must see
All that surrounds you and me.
Brave we stand, alone we trod
A pathway, we want, back to God.

Mom and Dad, we must be strong
To lead our children all along.
Show the crevasse they must not walk,
Help over trouble and softly talk

Of life and purpose, God and love,
The Plan from our Father up above,
The goals, the trials, the fire, the sin.
The way which leads us back to Him.

“Be brave, my child,” we all must say
So many times in our early day.
Success will come, but at a cost.
You must be strong to not be lost.

Grow with me, oh child of mine,
And let us walk to the Divine.
Surround ourselves with good and right
And seek, oh seek, yes seek the light.


  1. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem...made my Sunday happy!

  2. Beautiful poem Shawnette. Babies are such a wonderous gift from Heavenly Father.

  3. Thanks for the comments :) I'm due in just a few days so these thoughts have been forefront in my mind.

  4. I like your poem. Not only do I revel in the message, but the rhythm is good, and I loved the run-on-lines. There was hardly a word I would change. (Which is more than I can say about my own poetry, for I'm constantly changing something or other. I sometimes alter published poems, even famous ones, to suit myself.

    May I quote you sometime?


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