May 4, 2009


By Stacy Johnson

Here I sit, it is 11:14 pm and I have finally gotten the baby back to sleep. I managed to make it through stake conference weekend unscathed. I was asked to lead the stake choir and conduct the hymns, a task I thought was beyond my capabilities. I grew a little, stressed even more than that, and I learned a lo. I came away feeling the spirit throughout the meeting. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I sat through all two hours without having to hush a single child, thanks to my parents. You see, my husband and oldest daughter sang in the choir, and my oldest son was asked to speak. I was off the hook, and my parents were in charge of the five youngest, the baby woke up with a fever. Good luck with that mom. I'm sure it is related to the ear infection she has had since February, so we Motrin her up and get her ready. She survives the meeting. That afternoon, she is still running a pretty high fever, so she is given a priesthood blessing. She is able to sleep most of the night, but today was a different story.

Today I had to put things in perspective and realize that I might not get my post done by noon. Now look, it is almost midnight and I am babbling something nonsense that is for sure. All I know is that the laundry still needs folded, the kitchen dishes need loaded, and we are running low on baby Tylenol. Holding my baby was my priority today and that is ok with me.

Uh oh, she is fussing, gotta go.


  1. Baby's take first priority. Maybe you should write about babies.

  2. My baby had a fever this weekend too. They're like little furnaces with those high temps. Good luck with the baby.

  3. Yahoo!! You did the most wonderful thing of all!!!

  4. Been there, and been there, and been there...

  5. I hope by now your little one is feeling better. As challenging as those days were...I miss those middle of the night rockings. I felt so close to the Spirit during those quiet moments.


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