May 16, 2009


by Cindy R. Williams

Hurry here, hurry there
No time for fun.
Housework is waiting
Chores are undone.

Kids need attention
And want me to play.
Hubby is calling
He needs me today.

I want to go write
And spend time alone.
But I am the glue
That makes house a home.

Meetings to go to
And not enough sleep.
I can't crawl out
'Cause I'm in too deep.

Above all the chaos
And worry and strife
Is the panicky feeling
That I'm flunking life.

I heard a poem much like this when I was in Jr. High. I am not sure who the author is. As time has gone by I have changed words here and there to fit my life at any given time.

Whenever this poem sounds too much like my life, I find a quiet corner, which is quite a feat at my house, and ponder, pray and breath deep. I usually come up with the same solution. "Line upon line, one thing at a time."

Line Upon Line
by Cindy R. Williams
Line upon line,
One thing at a time.
As a Daughter of God I have been given this day,
To use my free agency so I choose to pray.
Dear Father bring peace to my troubled heart,
So that I may choose wisely, the better part.
Line upon line,
One thing at a time.
Test this out. I promise you, you will get the same or even more accomplished in your day. The best part is you will find joy and peace. When you lay your head on the soft pillow at night, you will know you did what was needed and right. Peace will be in your heart.


  1. I love how poems give shape to disorderly thought and emotion. Thank you for this much-needed wisdom, Cindy.

  2. Wow, Cindy ~ both poems ring so true. After the urgency of the first, comes the calm of the second. How appropriate. Nice job!!

  3. Thanks Sarah and Stephanie, I hope I snap out of this introspection and overwhelmed season soon. In the meantime, I will continue to follow my own advice of line up on line, one thing at a time. I used to wonder about the words of Come, Come Ye Saints, the part about if we should die before our journey's through, happy day, all is well. I am beginning to understand this. But that is another subject for another blog.

  4. Just what I needed, Cindy! Thanks!!!

  5.'s scary when you read something that was written about you or for you.
    Exactly what I needed to hear.
    Love it...I can continue on another day..
    Let me be of service to Him...

  6. Thanks Valerie, and Krista. It is really good to know others feel like I do. It makes the journey a bit more do-able.

  7. Great post, Cindy. And so very true. These are ideas I espouse, but have a more difficult time achieving.


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