May 12, 2009

Just a Reminder

It's awe inspiring when a small moment comes to us to remind us of how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father. One came to me out of the blue. This year for Mother's Day I felt nudged to give my mother something to remind her of my stepfather who passed away two years ago. I threw in some of the Church News, a few magazines we both like and a card for my sister. There was cash money involved so I sent it UPS. I saw it was delievered on Thursday so all was well. When I called my mom on Sunday I was a bit surprised she didn't mention it. So I asked her if she got her package. I knew we were in trouble when she said what package?

We investigated and realized I had transposed the numbers from 460 to406. The next day she told my sister about it but for some reason thought I said 405. That house had no such package.

On her way to work, my sister felt impressed to go to 406 sure that's what I meant. It was locked from the outside, looked unoccupied and trash was on the porch. But she was "nudged" to look further. Getting out of her car, she went up to the porch, pushed away some of the trash and found my package all wrapped up in plastic.

When she called me to tell me she had found it, she didn't say look what I did. She said Heavenly Father really loves you. And you know what, she's right. He didn't have to do that. But He did. Reminding me that I am loved.

Like all of us here at ANWA I get caught up in the grammar or just the right word or even RL and momentarily forget He wants to be a part of all of my life, including the writing and UPS packages.


  1. So true! I know that if something is important to us it is important to Heavenly Father. It is an overwhelming thought when you think about him loving billions and billions of people as intimitely as I hope and feel he loves me...but it is true. How wonderful for us to know of our Heavenly Father's love and guidance!!!

  2. I love hearing about these kinds of experiences...and witnessing those tender mercies sent to us every day. Thank you for adding to my testimony of these things in such a sweet way.

  3. These reminders of our Father's love help me in the ongoing quest for charity as well: if I understand his love for me better, then I understand his love for his other children better too. And that changes everything. Thanks for sharing.


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