May 27, 2009


by Marielle Carlisle

Last week I made my biannual visit the dentist, and received bittersweet news.

The good: No cavities. Woot woot!

The bad: I grind my teeth, and one of molars is cracking. (sigh)

I'm now sporting a temporary crown, and will go in next week to have my brand spankin'-new crown fitted.

Alas, this temporary crown has been gettin' all up in my grill (translation: causing me problems). Friday night the whole right side of my face was throbbing. It's as if my ugly, temp crown knew it was a holiday weekend, and that I couldn't make an emergency run to the dentist to have my crown filed down until Tuesday. I was popping Motrin like nobody's bid-ness.

But finally! Relief! I sit here, Motrin free for at least 8 hours, the pain slowly fading away. My dentist completely filed down my temp so that it's not even TOUCHING the opposing tooth.

As I was lounging in my pain-killer induced stupor over the weekend, the only thing that pulled me through was reciting my mantra "it's only a temporary, it's only a temporary ..." Even though I was in pain, I knew it wouldn't last forever. I would be able to visit the dentist for help, and eventually I would get my pretty little permanent crown snapped into place.

So it is with our "temporary" existence here on earth. Our lives may have overbites, grinding, cavities, temporary crowns, and any other numerous problems, but it won't last forever. There will be pain. There will be cracks from wear and tear, but it is not permanent. Our Heavenly Father is always here to help and support us, and is more then willing to file down the uneven surfaces if we simply ask.

And then finally! Relief! We will be fitted with a glorious, eternal crown.


  1. I'll have to remember that father's favorite saying is this too shall pass. Mine seems to be was this necessary?

  2. That was soooo cute. I needed to hear that. I love Terri's comment above..."was this necessary?"
    My comment is usually...."Are you kidding me?" then I trudge the road to happy destiny. Thanks Marielle.

  3. What a great analogy--and the eternal crown part was perfect! Thanks for the reminder that trials are temporary but the growth can be lasting.

  4. Marielle, you have such a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing that sweet perspective and analogy! I am so glad we are in the same chapter!

  5. Yep, this is a great post, and a great analogy. I happen to have a high tolerance to pain, but dental pain tops the list.

    Well, I've been there, done that, and must be closer to that "glorious, eternal crown" I still don't worry about. This life's rewards have been glorious enough to suit me -- sweet and delicious to the taste and, so far, good to the last drop--even the one that crushed a bone in my wrist and sent me to rehab (or whatever) with all kinds of new toys to strengthen my muscles.

    And I'm expecting many more years of about the same. Varied, interesting, and good for me.


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