May 17, 2009

It's Been a Busy Week

by Marsha Ward

I have one last thing to do before I go take a much needed nap: do this blog.

Why do I need a nap? It's been an exceedingly busy week.

It started out with Mother's Day. No explanation needed there. My daughter traveled up from the Valley to take me to dinner in town. I was to meet her and her housemates at 3 p.m.

I did learn in the course of the day's events that the extra button on my armrest in the car DOES have a purpose. After church I tried to wind up my windows, and only the driver-side one worked. I use the word "wind"--long i--in the sense that I hit a button and tiny servo-motors in the doors do the actual work. This time, they didn't work! I sighed, wondering what on earth was going on, and dreading the drive to town with the wind-noise assaulting my ears. Yeah, it was as bad as I imagined it would be.

I happened to mention that I probably needed to visit the car dealership to check out the window problem, and my daughter's housemate said he'd take a look at. I'd located the various fuse boxes already in my ownership manual, and pointed them out. All the fuses looked good.

While my daughter was showing me their new van--which, incidentally, got totalled in an accident this week!--the housemate continued checking things out. I heard a whirring sound behind me: the window going up. Housemate had located the problem.

That extra button? It's a child lock. It locks windows so children can't operate the automatic buttons and roll the windows down. Somehow I
accidentally tripped it.

That was Sunday. Monday was busy with preparing for a Book Signing the next day, as well as updating various web pages.

Tuesday was the four-hour-long book signing. Afterward, I went home and crashed after finishing preparations for the presentation on Dialogue that I was to give to a writers' group the next day.

Wednesday I was prompted to go to the Valley after my presentation and attend another writers' meeting. I grabbed my suitcase, which always has "travel" things in it, put in a change of clothes, and set off. The presentation went well, the drive was nice, and the meeting that evening was super. I even survived the night without my CPAP machine, which I had prepared to take along, but missed getting into the car.

I did several errands on Thursday, and went safely back home.

Friday was catch-up day, preparing for an ANWA board meeting on Saturday. Printing off materials used up most of an ink cartridge. New came that the hostess was ill, so the meeting was moved to another home. I emailed that I was coming the next day, and to give me directions via phone by 8 a.m., my departure time.

After I got to the Valley, I checked my phone (which I had forgotten to turn on!!!) to learn that two other members of the Board woke up sick, so the meeting was postponed. I ran several other errands (including getting passport photos taken), and met with family members to decorate the graves of my husband and daughter. Then I returned home, somewhat hot from the temperature in the Valley. I crashed for a nap, but when it was time to wake up, decided to just go back to sleep for the night.

Today was another busy Sunday, with choir practice before church. I think I'm wiped out now, so it's nap time. I don't want to fall ill.

Get well quick, Stephanie, Cindy, and Aimee!


  1. Busy busy. Catch a few zzz's for me, will ya'? Naps are so non-existent for me right now.

  2. Marsha, It is always fun to read your blog. I learn more and more about you. My son told me the other day that he rarely admires famous people or athletes. I was glad to hear this, because the people to admire are all around us. Those that live the Gospel and listen to their heart.

    Back to my learning more about you. You have done so much good in your life, and have reached so many people, and still continue to serve. Thank you Marsha. You are one that deserves my admiration.

  3. Must be the time of year. I was supposed to weed, it rained, I slept, woke up and decided to just go on to bed as well, ha.

  4. Whew!
    I'm exhausted just reading about it....hope you have a better week this week. And EVERYONE gets better.
    I'm looking forward to the LONG weekend coming up.
    Take care,


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