May 5, 2009

Baby News!

by Valerie Ipson

(That title will get your attention.)

For those of you scoring at home, on the edge of your seats, just wondering if I will have the baby dream again (see blog post--Tuesday, April 21) I do have news to report. About one week later the baby dream re-occurred. I thought that once I discovered the interpretation there would be no need for it to come back, but it did. Ah, but with a twist. And it is the twist that gives me hope (if I can even give credence at all to my dreams--who knows? Though, I guess, Stephenie Meyer gives us all reason to do so. She dreamt her way to a big bank account).

In this most recent baby dream the baby is not starved and neglected. Whew! What a relief! It's only issue is that it has not been named. What were we thinking? The baby needs a name. My husband and I discuss it and I say I don't want anything traditional and we eventually decide on the name Brinley.

So is my subconscious now acknowledging an increased focus on my writing goals? Not sure, but do you like the name spelled Brinley or Brinlee? What middle name goes well with that?

[originally posted at on 5/2/09--Krista responded there and if I was having a baby naming contest she would win for suggesting Brinlee Joy. I like it--it may have to be the name of a future character someday!]


  1. Giving your characters the right name is more important than people realize and a whole lot harder than people know. I like Brinlee Joy myself.

  2. Yeah... I would have won! woo hoo!

    I agree with makes all the difference in picking the right name... your charactors are like your children, you just wouldn't pick Bob...unless you were really feeling it. (at least I wouldn't).

  3. ...apologies to the Bob's out there, I'm sure!


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