May 30, 2009

Best Time to Write?

by Cindy R. Williams

It is after midnight, which is one of my best writing times. The reasons are:

1. Family is in bed, safe and sound.
2. Cats, dogs and fish are fed and happy.
3. No phone ringing.
4. No wash beeping.
5. No cooking to do right now.
6. No running a taxi service.
7. Garden is watered.
8. House is tidy.
9. And best of all; when I am tired, my creative brain thinks outside the box, and I can fly into my waking dreams and my imagination soars.

Great reasons, but there is one drawback tonight . . . I am now too sleepy. Good night!


  1. Sounds like you're a perfect fit for ANWA, Cindy! Hope you got some good rest (:.

  2. Been there, done that!!! Cute post!

  3. Good luck with that. When my chore list is done and I'm in front of the computer I tend to play endless sets of non thinking games while I pretend to ponder what I'm supposed to be writing, ha.

  4. Teri, you made me laugh. I think we are all guilty at times of this!

  5. Love this Cindy! sooooo true!

  6. Yep. When my mind shuts down, I pick up a Sudoku puzzle, thinking it will increase my brain power. All along, I know that nothing taxes, or stimulates the brain more than creative writing. But Sudoku is intriguing. And distracting. And sleep becomes necessary. Even daytime naps when it's possible.

    Also, I congratulate you on having everything done by midnight. That in itself is phenomenal, And you've probably already played the harp to soothe yourself, and everybody else. You're amazing.


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