Nov 2, 2009

I love when my kids learn about writing

By Stacy Johnson

My 13 year old is learning to write a persuasive essay. His assignment (and mine) was for me to write 10 reasons why he should continue to do something that he hates; he chose piano lessons. His assignment is to argue my reasons why playing the piano is important. It will be interesting to see the different perspectives we have about this. Here are my 10:

1. There is a connection between being able to read well and playing an instrument. I want you to be a great reader.

2. Talents are gifts from God. If we don’t develop these talents, we are wasting a precious gift.

3. I love hearing piano music in the morning while everyone gets ready for school.

4. I love to torture you.

5. You may go to a foreign country on your mission where nobody knows how to play and you will be required to accompany the Hymns at your meetings.

6. It is my money and I will spend it how I want to.

7. Piano can be considered a percussion instrument and I thought you wanted to be the best percussionist you could be. This can only help.

8. Girls dig guys who play the piano so in reality, I’m doing you a favor.

9. Piano lessons keep you off the street and away from drugs and gangs.

10. Because I said so.

I'll have to get back to you on his responses, but this should keep you all in suspense and checking back in a few days:)


  1. I love your reasons! How can your son not want to be a piano-playing girl magnet? Girls totally dig it. Do write back with his responses.

  2. May be it's me but I immediately began giving my 10 reasons not too based on your 10 of why I should. Please do post his, I want to see how I match up. Giggle.

  3. My son did play a bit for Sacraments Meetings on his mission to Italy.

  4. Too funny, Stacy! the main reason I gave my children: "In this family, learning to play the piano is like do it or die." probably a bit too harsh now that I look at it in print...but I said it with a smile...and love in my heart!


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