Nov 29, 2009

This Year is Rushing to a Close!

by Marsha Ward

Wow! Thanksgiving celebrations are over and November is almost finished up. It seems like a headlong dash is occurring toward December 31. Where has the year gone?

I've stuffed a lot of things into this year, and I'm not going to name them all off for you. Take my word. I've done a lot!

I will mention the new territory I've dipped my foot into, becoming a member of Twitter early in the year, and last December, Facebook. I also produced an eBook of my first novel, The Man from Shenandoah, which is available in ten versions at I just finished the Spanish Glossary I'm adding to an eBook version of Ride to Raton, so that should go up this week. Life is good.

Enjoy the rest of the year. We will be adding some new blog team members between now and the end of January. I hope you will continue to visit the blog and read what we have to offer. Feel free to make comments. We welcome your participation.


  1. You've been busy Marsha just helping the Cen/East group to get through their first meeting was enough to drive anyone nuts. Thanks for being there for all us and here's to another wonderful year.

  2. You continue to be an inspiration to all!

  3. Marsha, you are definitely Mrs. Incredible. I is good. it's good because of people like yourself. Thanks for being who you are. Love you!


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