Nov 24, 2009

True Story

by Marielle Carlisle

Twas' the week before Thanksgiving and with energized gumption,
I was busy preparing for mass turkey consumption
Vacuuming, check. Dusting, all done
The ring in the tub is officially gone

When all of sudden, my ears are aware,
Of the sounds of my three year old throwing up on the chair!
ACK! Where do I start? It's all over the place!
On the carpet, the table, the blanket, her face.

Let's clean this stuff up, change out of your clothes,
Wait, not again! It's like she's a hose.
Now the baby's throwing up? He just won't stand still
Every sofa's been hit with this bile-filled spill.

That's it! Time for bed! You two are a mess
At least bedsheets will launder with greater success.
Damage control, get out the rags
I wipe up the chunks while my poor husband gags.

Grandma and Grandpa will be here tonight,
Lysol the door handles, phones and the lights
My clothes are a splatter of ABC food
(that means already been chewed, in case you're confused)

Load up the washer, jump in the tub
Relax in my thoughts of Thanksgiving grub
We get throught the night, one more throw up per kid
Thank you, dear stomach flu, for all that you did

I'm thankful for family, for home and for health
For temporal and spiritual goodness and wealth
At last we are well, the house is now neat
Happy Thanksgiving to all, now let's go eat!

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