Nov 28, 2009

Mission Organization

by Cindy R. Williams

I'm on a mission. A mission to simplify my life and the stuff in it. I dejunk one thing a day, just one. It's so doable, and I feel great every night when I climb into bed to read my scriptures and close out the day.

My house is coming together nicly, every room, cuboard, closet, and drawer. It is so much easier now to keep on top of all my chores. Last week, I even tackled the garage. I feel so much freedom in being orgaanized. Peace sits on my shoulder like a soft butterly. Ooh, I like that. I feel more creative and have more energy to put my heart into my writing. It really does feel wonderful to have things in order.

It's almost like I'm nesting. Now that's a scary thought. Five angels are my legacy, no more, no less.

I'm getting more organized in my writing along with this major overhall. The goals I now set are clear, concise and attainable. I'm getting rid of things that delay my goals. TV is overated. It is only worth turning on to play one of the music channels, and right now that one channel is all Christmas music. Surfing the net is out unless it's for research. I'm learning to say no to things that are just busy work, and also to people who are lazy, and want me to do their job. I'm learning that it's okay to keep my planned writing schedule even when chaos is rampant all around me and others are scrambling from lack of planning ahead. I'm learning that I don't have to save everybody from themselves. That's not the plan. It's wrong to rob others of their opportunity to learn. I like this new me I'm becoming. It's rather nice to be a good friend to others and myself.

As I continue forward with mission organization, I find I'm thankful for the ability to grow and make these changes. I'm thankful for my abundant life and the gifts and miracles all around me. I'm thankful for my talents I'm having so much fun developing.

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. This turkey probably fulfilled it's purpose and mission well. A good purpose in my viewpoint, but probably not so much for the turkey's angle.

Are we each fullfilling our purpose here on the earth. Are we taking our writing serious enough to make the needed changes to make it happen?

May you each find what works for you so you can fulfill your mission and purpose and reach your writing potential. I'm now ready and willing. This is going to be an exciting year.

I'm on a mission. A mission or organizing every needfull thing so that I can fullfill my purpose.


  1. I love simplfying my life. I just wish I didn't have to keep doing it.

  2. True, it does keep getting messy doestn't it?

  3. Organizing is an ongoing challenge for me--I can usually keep the middle clean but have trouble with the edges (cupboards, closets, etc.)! That probably applies to my writing somehow, too. Have to think about it. Thanks!

  4. A welcome post. A great one as we think about preparing for a brand new year. Thanks, Cindy!

  5. I guess this was a little bit like new years resolutions except it is more like dejunking resolutions, getting rid of the junk in my writing life. Thanks, Terri, Sarah and Valerie.

  6. Love your post Cindy! I'm struggling to get the dejunking and simplifying thing accomplished. You've inspired me to keep trying! Thanks!


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