Nov 25, 2009


by Terri Wagner

Had a funny thing happen on the way to writing my blog entry yesterday. Since I'm on central time, I'm usually early on my day to blog. I get into work around 7 am and go right to our site and check things out. Yesterday, I went there and thought hmmmm at the moment I have nothing to write about. Let me think on this.

This morning I got up and saw I forgot to come back. Let me tell you why because I personally think it's amusing and a little shocking. I belong to an lds singles site. Not much luck there I can tell you. The other day I saw where some CA Mormon (apologizes to any of you on this site but like Utah Mormons you have a reputation) checked out my profile or whatever they call it.

I went to his, noticed he had trained some laboradors for guide dog purposes. So I sent a nice little note about my Chewbacca and now my Kota, both labs, both very different and my lab/husky Cassie. Didn't really think too much else about it.

He writes back that I'm too short, too far away, probably fat since my profile photo is only my top half and definitely unemployed since I had writer up there (that was done before I became the editorial manager). At first, I was plenty insulted, then a bit disappointed, then laughing uproarously at it. What assumptions he made. I couldn't resist sending back a little note gee, I just thought we could share lab stories.

Then at work we have an annual contest. This year one project had two entries. The project won so both entries win. The German company is questioning why the Chinese company is considered part of the project since they just presented it but didn't actually work on it. Mind you the project is in China and it's pretty cool too. I passed that sticky ball of wax off to my boss. He just checked my work, said I had it right and we'd just let it lie for a while. My other boss wanted things checked out. Ball back to me. So I bounced it back to the Germans, ha. International life can be so much fun.

And I must confess a part of me wanted to say hey we're Americans, it's our contest, we pick the winners, live with it. But then that would make me like that CA Mormon now wouldn't it?


  1. I think you had a typo in your last sentance. Shouldn't it have been CA Moron?

  2. Sorry about that guy, Terri. He is beyond rude!


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