Nov 11, 2009

Never give up, never surrender

by Marielle Carlisle

That is one of my favorite quotes, courtesy of Galaxy Quest. If you haven't seen that movie, see it. Fo' rizzle.

I was pondering this thought as I was shoveling dirt out of my garden. I had tecnically 'thrown in the towel' on the garden, and was giving up on growing any sort of edible vegetable. I mean, I had tried once and it didn't work, so what's the point?

And then it hit me ... Never give up, never surrender.

And then I thought of a poem. My absolue favorite poem in high school that I would read before every sports game/match/meet to motivate me. I still remember pacing up and down the street before the State Volleyball Championship game reading this.

Playing the Game
by Steward Warnerite

Whatever the game, and whatever the odds
The winning is all up to you;
For it isn’t the score, and it isn’t the prize
That counts when the playing is through.
In the great game of life, it’s the purpose to win
And the courage to fight to the end
That determines for you what degree of success
Will be scored to your credit, my friend.
The best you can do, may not be quite enough
To defeat your opponents today
But you never can lose, and you never can fail
If you put all you’ve got in your play
And the greatest reward that your efforts can bring
Is the fact that you stood to the test
That you played a clean game, and you fought a good fight
And you always were doing your best.

Never give up! Never surrender!

Oh, and we won the volleyball game.

And I'm trying the garden thing again. And little sprouts are shooting out of the ground.


  1. Oh Marielle, that's one of my all time fav movies and sayings. I mutter that to myself frequently during exercise and when things are rough. Darn it, now I want to go watch it again.

  2. Good for you Marielle! Great poem..and I'll have to go look for the movie. You have no idea how much I needed to read this today.


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