Jan 23, 2010

Crazy Lady With a Short in Her Brain

By Cindy R. Williams
Life is crazy. This short story below really happened. I know for a fact that I am a little crazy, normal crazy though. Read this and see how another lady mangaged to upstage me big time.

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "I need this project done by my birthday."

Normal Crazy Lady: "When is your birthday."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "Sometime in March."

Normal Crazy Lady: "Can you be more specific? What is the day?"

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "How do I know what day it is?"

Normal Crazy Lady: "Hmmm . . . well it's the same day each year, that is the same number each year."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain getting impatient: "Can you get it done?"

Normal Crazy Lady, realizing there truly is a disconnect: "I can have it done March 1st."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "That won't be soon enough. I need it before May."

Normal Crazy Lady realizing there may be bats in the belfry: "March 1st comes before May."

Crazy lady with short in her brain: "Oh, well I can use my discretion here, why don't you get it done in July."

Normal Crazy Lady: "Okay, July it is."

Crazy Lady with short in her brain: "Now, why didn't you agree to this all along."

Normal Crazy Lady clamps her mouth shut tight thinking, let it go, just let it go, then lets out a big sigh of relief when the Crazy Lady with the short in her brain is gone.
I heard a comedian the other day, I think it was Jeff Foxworthy, say . . . "They walk among us."


  1. Wow...seems like a case where deep breathing exercises would come in handy (:. I'm impressed you could let it go!

  2. Wow! We had a saying in our family while I was growing up. It started while Mom was teaching kindergarten. A child used "Balella" to indicate he wanted a "Banana". When Mom tried to correct him, he nodded his head and said "Belella." So when we had total synapse misfiring like yours we'd say to the other person "Sure you can have your Belella."
    Keep Smiling.

  3. seriously??? Wow...I will be shaking my head over that one for the next week! and laughing every time. and shaking my head...and....


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