Jan 27, 2010

Quick Fixes, Big Messes!

By Lynn Parsons

I made some bread the other day to take to a sick friend. Don't be too impressed--it was from frozen bread dough.

The dough sat all day, but didn't defrost much. So, I decided to let it sit overnight and bake it in the morning. Two lovely fluffy loaves were ready in the morning, but in the rush for work and an early meeting, I debated whether I'd have time to bake them.

My husband volunteered to wait out the baking time. He left his culinary creations to cool on the stove. Unfortunately, he didn't know they would sweat in their pans and be doughy by that evening.

When I discovered that the bread appeared to be reverting to its unbaked state, I decided to bake some cornbread instead. In an attempt to save money . . . and face . . . my husband suggested I put them back in the oven for a few minutes and see what happened.

Yep, they burned. In three minutes. Flames and everything!

My husband cut off the blackened tops, and we tried to eat the bottoms with dinner. Let's just say smoked bread is not a great flavor.

The quick fix didn't work. And usually doesn't!

Post a comment with your quick fixes--especially if they did work--prove me wrong!


  1. I once had a hem come loose on a skirt in a place I couldn't do much about. So a coworker suggested I staple it. So I did. It worked even down to someone asking me how did I get those sparkles just on the backside of my dress...thank goodness it was the 80s when sparkles appeared in all kinds of strange places.

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  3. Wow, what an adventure you had! I've used many quick fixes in my day...and they worked...but only temporarily, and the result just isn't quite as good in the end. Hope your day goes better today!


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