Jan 22, 2010

Gotta Write my Blog

by Sarah Albrecht

School’s started, do the homework
(Gotta write my blog)
Wind is blowing, do the yardwork
(Gotta write my blog)
Five-o-clock, cook the chicken
(Gotta write my blog)
Mop the floor ‘cause feet are stickin’
(Gotta write my blog)
See the doctor, see the dentist
See the vet to check the dog…
Sorry, ladies, life’s been crazy--
So I didn’t write my blog.


  1. But you did give us a little window into your world. Sounds like a busy one.

  2. Too cute! See.. you wrote your blog.

  3. And so finally could sleep,
    Knowing committments you did keep.
    Life gets in the way,
    Come what may,
    you made it through the day,
    so I must say!

  4. Good job!
    It's nice to know we are all in this together. hugs`


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