Jan 13, 2010

Hope in the Mailbox!

By Lynn Parsons

I've been receiving seed catalogues for about a month now. Yarn catalogues arrive year round. Even though our family is on a fairly tight budget right now, I really enjoy looking through them.

It's not that I spend all my time out in the garden, or even knitting (although my family may feel differently!). I just enjoy possibilities and potential. Turning the pages, I can imagine working towards a creation and how satisfying it would be to have something even remotely like the beautiful color pictures before me.

Maybe that's why I work in education. Each child seems so full of possibilities and potential. When I see them achieve even a small portion of their dreams, I feel hope for humanity, for our world, and am excited to be part of the process.

What gives you hope and keeps you going?


  1. Just goofing off with kids. They are a future and frankly I can tell they are "a marked generation." Add dogs to that and I'm a happy camper. I do have my fav catalogs I thumb through myself Lynn.

  2. I love catalogs too, it doesn't even matter what is in them most of the time.

    I'm with you on education keeping me going. I love it when one of my kids learn something new and their eyes light up. That is what keeps me going. I feel like I'm going to break into song, "I believe the children are our future..."

  3. "Excited to be a part of the process." Gosh ... sounds like 'being alive' to me.
    Alive with the spirit.

    I have a 5 years old Grandson, who
    I spent Monday afternoon with. How thrilled I was to help him ride a bike (no training wheels). It's the little things, as you said, being part of the process.
    (catalogues, don't receive too many of them, but makes me think of --- when I moved into an apartment about 20 years ago, where the previous renter received hordes of catalogues. I'm talking 5-6 a day - from clothing to fairy stuff, to plants you name it. Obviously I haven't forgotten it. Some of them were really cool. But way to many!)

    Thanks for the reminder- we all CAN be part of the process, if we want to be.

  4. I love catalogs! When we lived in rural AZ they saved me a lot of time and helped ease my mall shopping withdrawals!

    Watching my children raise my grandchildren...and playing a part in that myself keeps me going. Seeing prophecy fulfilled gives me hope.

    Thanks for the great thoughts today, Lynn!

  5. Good question. What keeps you going? The problem is . . . I'm not sure how to answer that. You have really made me think, and somehow it feels like the asnwer to that question is very important.


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