Jan 19, 2010

MTV's New Show

by Terri Wagner

MTV was one of my favorite channels in the early 80s. Back then it was strictly music videos. I think my all-time favorite still remains "Dave's TV," a David Lee Roth vid of "I'm Just a Gigolo." It was a spoof on MTV and music videos and I loved it. Yes, all that dates me, but notice I didn't say how old I was when I watched it. Since then both MTV and I have parted ways, though I sometimes catch a promo for a new show.

The newest one has a sophomoric title, and I suspect will be as silly as are so many of the shows, but the idea is always intriguing. Make a list of what you really want to do before you die, and then go do it. For once because most reality shows pit people against each other (and there's nothing wrong with competition), this one is pitched as 4 young men who will help each other complete their goals.

I don't know how the show will go, I might sneak a peek, but I thought I'd pitch the idea out to the ANWA land. Let's make a list as writers of what we want to do with our talent, share it and help each other achieve it (really the motto for ANWA). It can be as simple as I want to write a more interesting journal...to much higher expectations.

The first thing I ever wrote was for a road show many years ago which led to some cringeworthy poems for family get-togethers...to fantasy attempts...to writing for the magazine I still work for (opps maybe a small goal of mine can be learning not to end my sentences with prepositions).

I like the show's premise. I hope it will turn out to be a good one. My goal is to write a published/successful novel(s). How can you help do that? And in return, I'll help you. Again, this isn't a new idea, it's what ANWA is based on, but it sometimes help to make a list.


  1. Great thoughts Terri. I enjoyed the analogy. I don't watch much TV...so I didn't know about that show. Very interesting. We really are all here to help each other survive this lab assignment called mortality.

    How can I help you with you writing goal?

  2. Thanks Kari I'll let you know when I figure it out, ha.


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