Jan 12, 2010

Yay me, I remembered!

by Valerie Ipson
Last time it was my turn to post, I completely spaced it, as in if it's not on my calendar or my TTD List (Things To Do) then it's over, I'm not remembering to do it. That's not to say that an item on my TTD list absolutely gets remembered and done, but the chances are slightly higher than otherwise. I blame it on the whole post-holidaze down-time/no schedule-time when I am either involved in intense family game-playing, curling up with a deliciously good book, or sleeping off a fudge-induced coma. Sleeping, coma... redundant. The week-after-Christmas I actually did do something...I restored the house to it's lovely prior organized state (the standards are low around here) by taking down and boxing up all the Christmas decor, AND it was the year I finally sorted through it and sent the perenially unused items off to a charity yard sale. I'm sure no one would spend actual cash for it, so it will be showing up soon at a Goodwill or landfill near you.

I find that I am becoming more and more obsessed with lists and probably spend more time writing the lists than completing any item listed upon it. It's a disease.

Anyway, if I had remembered to write I might have waxed philosophical, maybe written something eloquently similar to what I posted upon the occasion of a new year last time around, posted here. Instead, maybe this poem by Shel Silverstein is in order for the new year...

Mama said I'd lose my head
If it wasn't fastened on.
Today I guess it wasn't
'Cause while playing with my cousin
It fell off and rolled away
And now its gone.
And I can't look for it
'Cause my eyes are in it,
And I can't call to it
'Cause my mouth is on it
(Couldn't hear me anyway
'Cause my ears are on it),
Can't even think about it
'Cause my brain is in it.
So I guess I'll sit down
On this rock
And rest for just a minute.


  1. Classic Silverstein. I wish I would have gone through my decorations. I just bought another bin to put everything in and vow to go through it next year.

  2. Love Shel! My favorite is the Missing Piece meets the Big O. Classic relationship book. (who knew?)
    I think you're awesome and I too wish I had gone through my stuff.
    You're ahead of the game now!

  3. Way to go Valerie! I did organize the decorations...but I didn't sort them out this year. I think I only opened one or two bins and left the rest in the garage...loved the poem...

  4. Thank you, you're all too kind! But, yes, I sorted, I organized, and, people, I even labeled the boxes, then threw out the undesirables! Just from this alone I feel 2009 was a success. :)


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