Jan 7, 2010

With Both Feet

By: Krista Darrach

Half measures avail us nothing. Or so this is what I tell myself. Who wants to be lukewarm or mediocre? Why dabble when you can immerse?
Fear. It immobilizes, destroying all creativity.
I don’t want to merely dip my toes in the water. Today, I’m refusing fear and choosing to immerse. Immerse myself in ANWA, writing, and relying on the spirit to be my guide.

My PhotoI’m Krista Darrach and I’m pleased to be a new blogger for the Founder and Friends blog. Actually, I still feel new to ANWA. I only joined a year ago, and what a ride it’s been. How about a little back-story? J

The great Stephanie Abney is in my ward. For the past several years she's been trying to get me to her Wednesday night writers group.

“Stephanie, I’m not a writer.”  Would be my usual response. Wherein she would smile and tell me she knew I was writer and they would be there when I figured it out. Bah! (Don’t you hate it when they’re right! --- J kidding)

So how’d I figure it out? Long story- but I’ll try to shorten it.
I endured a particularly difficult trial where my testimony had been strengthened immensely.  The spirit prodded me to write an article for the Ensign about my experience. I refused—for months. Me write? Heavens no. I’m not educated to write, never finished college. How could I submit something or even try?

Finally, I just couldn’t take it any more. I blew out four pages in less than forty-five minutes. It wouldn’t be surprising for me to save it to a file and try to forget it. But I wanted the prodding to go away, I needed to be obedient.  I emailed it, holding my breath. Thinking, Thank goodness, that’s over.

Low and behold six weeks later they sent me a letter stating they wanted to publish my article—and pay me for it! I was floored. Shocked and tickled.

I chalked it up to the spirit. It wrote the article, not me. Thus I didn’t need to write, I’m not qualified to write. The negative chatter in my head was deafening. My husband continued to tell me to write. I ignored him.

After many months of resisting, I found myself struck by a scripture someone read at church – something about having our talents taken away if we don’t use them as the Lord designed. SMACK- right upside my head. That was for me. I knew I needed to write.

Unsure how or what to do– I went to the library to get several books on writing. Then I found an activity online. The words exploded at my fingertips. Then an idea came to me for a young adult novel. I wrote over 200,000 words in less than 4 months.

Of course, Stephanie got wind that I’d been writing a book. (I was trying to keep it a secret.) I joined ANWA and have been soaking up all the knowledge I can get. Several people have been instrumental in improving my work. I know they are blessings sent to me from Heavenly Father.

Currently ... I’ve just completely my 4th edit (at 98,000 words YAY!) and feel like I’m really getting a handle on my novel. I love the process, I love the way my brain works while writing. I love the inspiration from the spirit. (I don’t love the negative chatter- that’s still there). It’s truly a gift – TRULY! For I know that of myself I could never accomplish such things.

I’m also the NEW Treasurer for ANWA. Wow, this is another one of those things I don’t feel qualified to do. But I refuse to let fear consume me, just as I refuse to listen to those pesky voices that are trying to thwart my progress. I will remain grateful for my gifts and talents ... so therefore I’m jumping in – with both feet.  **SPLASH**


  1. Welcome aboard Krista. Excellent post. Yes the Spirit has a way of nudging us until finally he has to hit us upside the head with a 2 by 4. Or at least that's been my experience.

  2. Welcome, welcome, Krista! I'm so glad I got to know you a little bit at the retreat. Love your post...and learning more. Can't wait to read you work!

  3. Thanks for the Awesome Welcome. I love ANWA.

  4. Krista, you are very inspired, and we are all so lucky to have you not only in ANWA, but as a fellow blogger. Your blogs are refreshing. I am also adore you because you have now taken my place as Treasurer of ANWA. THANK YOU! I turn it over to very capable hands.

  5. Loved your post! I'm sure most of us have faced your experience in one way or another-I know I can totally relate to the "nudging" to jump into the writing thing.

    Welcome aboard...to the ANWA Presidency and the blog team.

    When will your Ensign article be published?

  6. Oh Valerie, who knows! I often pick up the Ensign and see an article where it states (paraphrasing) "The author has been deceased since printing this article." - kinda sends me into a tizzy. Hopefully I wont be deceased before it's published.

    And thanks for the wonderful welcomes! I'm really excited to be here!


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