Jan 5, 2010

Predictions that Didn't Come to Pass...Yet

Whenever I read/listen to/hear someone talk about past predictions, I always set myself up to giggle over what we thought would happen by well say 2010. This time for some reason I'm not laughing. It could have happen; it should have happened. Why didn't it happen?

Here are some of the predictions. What was your favorite? (Or would have been if you had been old enough):

Man would live on the moon. Sure it'd be tough, no air, no rain, but we'd be there like little worker bees, making it an habitable place to live for many future generations. The moon is ours, the galaxy is next.

The ocean is no longer a barrier. We are living beneath the waves and harvesting what is there to help in medical advances and energy needs. Seawater has been filtered and made accessible for the deserts which now bloom with a rose as well as food (little Mormon lingo there).

Our cities would be nuclear (btw I pronounce that the same as President Bush must be a southern "thang"). The power would be safe, sufficent and efficent. Enabling us to sustain and construct architectural marvels like the mile high tower (not unlike the Dubai tower of 200 floors).

Break an arm, no problem, fixed in a jiffy (remember that word, ha). Cancer, measles, crippling diseases, all gone with one small air-powered syringe that doesn't even break your skin. Creating our own organs from our own cells (not stem cell) to replace what gives out. Live to be 900 plus, sure why not?

The wisdom of the ages, the adventures of a lifetime, the knowledge of the past and the lure of the future all ours at the tips of our fingers (ok this one could possibly be the Internet).

I'm sad instead of laughing because I actually "saw" these as realities. They aren't that off the radar. So what happened? Any ideas? Any predictions you thought would be a reality by now?


  1. Hmmmm...what happened? I think it comes down to money...or the lack thereof. and priorities. and politics...but you don't want to get me started on that one!

    Interesting questions, Terri! wouldn't it be wonderful if we could cure all those nasty diseases with one small syringe! thanks for making me engage my brain today!

  2. I vote for healing of terrible diseases, and cleaning up politics as goals. Predictions are made by people, and solutions are made by God through faith.


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