Jan 24, 2010

Snow Day

by Marsha Ward

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meet together on Sundays for spiritual renewal. Although we try hard to live Christ-like lives every day, having the opportunity to renew our covenants and renew our lives each week really helps our commitment to be and do good.

As always in life, once in a while a bump comes along, and we are forced to see what we will do without the strength of the others we meet with.

This week such a bump came along. We've had a series of snow storms in Rim Country, and I got a call midweek that Church services would not be held in our building on Sunday. It's a Snow Day! The question is, will I be able to sustain my current level of spirituality without the boost from attending services? I hope so. I'll do all the things I do every day to accomplish that. I'll remain flexible, bending my schedule along with my mindset so that I can get through this rough patch of isolation.

So it is with writing. I'm going along, doing my best to be productive, and something happens that bumps me out of my plans. Now what do I do?

The answer is fundamental: I must remain flexible, bending my writing schedule to accommodate the interruption, and adjusting my mindset so I can keep the long goal in sight.

I also can enjoy the change in my routine while it is happening, and be recharged by doing something different.

Such is life, whether in a spiritual sense or as a writer.


  1. I'm with you! But I have the opposite problem. Now, if I could ever learn to GET a schedule!!

  2. Love your analogy, Marsha. Lately the bumps around here have looked more like potholes...deep ones. Thanks for giving me a lift up so I can see the long goal...hugs~

  3. Im actually more recharged after a break in my routine but then that's probably because I'm too much of a creature of habit.


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