Jan 20, 2010

Deep Thoughts

by Marielle Carlisle

It's raining, it's pouring. Rain in the desert is a beautiful, glorious thing.

For 300+ days of the year, I endure the sun. I love being warm. I love wearing capris and flip flops all year round. I love not having a rear defroster on the car.

But I love me some clouds. An overcast day is cause for celebration. Any rain (trace amounts, sprinkling, cats and dogs) is practically a holiday. A monsoon is an all-out bonaza.

Right now it's strictly rain, no lightening. This last summer we didn't see too much monsoon activity, and I miss it. I miss the rumbling thunder. I miss the blanket of dust that scoops across the valley. I miss the torrential downpour. It's here and gone in 15 minutes, and it's truly spectacular.

I wonder if I would still feel this way about the rain if I lived somewhere where it rained a lot.

Many years ago, about this time of year, we had a constant stream from the sky for about two weeks. By the end of the two weeks, I was done. Done with the gray. Done with the wetness. Done with staying inside. I had soaked up as moisture as I needed, and was ready for the merciless sun to heat, bake, and deep-fry me.

What if I lived somewhere where it rained a lot, and there was two weeks of constant sunshine, with zero cloud coverage? Would I be eager for the rain to return? Would I be itching for clouds? Would the sun's brightness be old news?

Deep Thoughts, by Marielle Carlisle


  1. Well Marielle, we've had record rainfall this year...and I feel somewhat conflicted since we'd been in a drought so we all prayed for rain. Kinda hard to say ok you can stop it now. I'm with you. I live 12 miles from the Sunshine State and I miss the sunshine. And I don't think I'd make it where it rained a lot.

  2. I LOVE the valley of the sun! I'm glad I live in Arizona, and I'm thank goodness it's sunny almost all the time. I too can't handle a lot of rain and clouds and dreary-ness!
    But I also know we need the moisture, but I choose to live here, where there are NO earthquakes, tornado's, hurricane's, etc...
    I was born a California girl..but my heart is here in Arizona.
    :) Nice post Marielle.

  3. I have been enjoying the rain, but am always glad when the sun comes out again in Arizona. Thank heaven for variety.

  4. LOL...Marielle, I remember when I lived where it rains 21 days out of 30 in June and wondering, is there ever going to be a day when it won't rain? Then I moved to AZ and wondered, 'Isn't it ever going to rain?" I had to smile when I read your deep thoughts. Now I am learning to appreciate all kinds of weather, both literally and figuratively. hugs~


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