Oct 1, 2011

Four Authors on the Worst-Sellers List - Looney Logic Puzzle

by Cindy R. Williams

Do you like brain twisters, teasers, loony logic puzzles? Here is a fun one for writers.

Four authors who find themselves heading for the Worst-Seller List get together and make an appointment with a new literary agent. He asks about their work. However, the novelists always lie an the non-fiction writers always tell the truth.

Melinda replies, "All of us are novelists." Ashlee says, "No, only three of us are novelists." Lisa says, "No, only two are novelists." Morena says, "No, only one is a novelist." Who writes what?

Music plays . . . . . . . .

Scroll down for the answer . . . . . . . . . . . .

I wish Blogspot had the ability to print answers upside down but alas, earwax.

     Melinda must be a novelist. Why? If she were a non-fiction writer, she would not say she was novelist. So because she lies, we know that at least one of the group writes nonfiction.
     Lisa must be a novelist, too. Why? If she were telling the truth, either Ashlee or Morena would be a nonfiction writer, which is impossible: both of their statements conflict with Lisa's statement.
     And Morena must be a novelist. Why? If she were telling the truth, both Ashlee and Lisa would be nonfiction writers, which is impossible: each of their statements conflicts with Morena's statement.
     Ashlee is the one who writes nonfiction.

Brain twister comes from Parade.com/marilyn


  1. That was good I had to read it over again to get it.

  2. I love it! I will have to give this one to my kids for FHE tonight. I'm always looking for something fun to challenge them. thanks, Cindy! hugs~

  3. THANKS ALL! It is fun to give the old brain something a puzzle.


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