Oct 10, 2011

Some Really Funny LDS 'Toons!

by Kristin Baker Przybyla

Ugh, I'm here, you guys. Just running really late because a bad cold has knocked me on my butt.

I have this thing on my personal blog called Monday Funnies. I figure Monday is the day we need the most laughs! (Although Wednesdays are my crazy days, but whatever. Garfield hates Mondays and that's good enough for me.)

On my blog today I posted some funny Pirates of the Caribbean artwork from someone called Warrioronlydude on Deviantart. Since she's LDS, she has a folder for some pretty great LDS comics she's done. I'm posting my favorites here, for a fun laugh. Hope you guys enjoy them! If you're not Mormon and don't get some of the jokes, we'd be happy to explain. :) Click on a picture if you need to see it bigger.

Artist's comment: It's based off of an expirience my dad had in France many times! In fact one humorous story is one Elder was so tired that while he was saying the prayer he dozed off and began to order a hamburger and fries.

An LDS food blessing cliche. Always bless the food to nourish and strengthen our bodies, even when it's made out of crap. (secret: it nullifies the calories!)

Those expressions. LOL

Artist's comment: This is something many poor and unfortunate missionaries have had to experience in one way or another- in my dad's case it was raw cow kidneys oozing urine....he tried to feed it to the dog but even the dog wouldn't eat it. This was while he was serving in France.

My personal favorite:

And a cross-post from my blog. Davy Jones' locker looks just like the salt flats! I'm almost sure that's where they filmed it. ;)


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