Oct 13, 2011

Na No Wri Mo

by Susan G. Haws

This week and next I am working to get as much done as possible before the first of November and Na No Wri Mo. While I am not expecting to get a full 50K words that make sense typed into my computer, I would be happy with even 8 or 10 K. I am going to aim for the stars so that I at least make it out of my driveway or even my neighborhood metaphorically speaking.

Good luck to everyone struggling to work on your personal writing goals in this busy time of the year. Does anyone have Na No Wri Mo or your own month of writing experiences or suggestions they want to share?  


  1. I have avoided this for two years now and it looks like I may yet again. However, I have nothing but high esteem for all of you who attempt it and true amazement for those of you who succeed. Good luck to all!


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