Oct 7, 2011

How blogging has helped my writing.

For years, I've been trying to get published.
Young adult novels are my forte.
I write every day.  I just can’t help myself. I have a lot to say.
Most of the time, I write on my blog My Dear Trash.  

Yes, I write about trash.  There are two definitions of trash.

Trash: (trsh) ;noun – Discarded material or objects.
Or (my personal favorite)
My Dear Trash: ( ˈmī, ˈdir trsh) ;noun – Discarded material or objects that can be found at thrift stores and yard sales, then  purchased, cherised, used and/or re-sold for a profit.

I write about the second definition.

Why do I write about trash?

Because I love shopping thrift store and yard sales and I love talking about it.
More then anything, I wanted to write about something people were interested in.  
I find the funnest things shopping trash from vintage surfboards to Amish furniture; mid-century knick knacks and name-brand clothing (think Anthropologie).  Most of the time, I bring them home and resale them (eBay) for a great profit.  For example, my $5.00 vintage surfboard I found at a garage sale sold on Craigslist for $100.00 to a designer working for Jimmy Buffet. 
And all the while, I’ve been writing about trash I find on my blog- passionately.
What’s interesting is I’ve been told to write everyday because it will make me a better writer.  My blog has kept me on track with this goal, plus it helps that I shop a lot so I always have something to share.
So, last week when I opened my YA manuscript and started writing, I was amazing at how my mind worked.  I wrote 6 pages in an hour; an unheard of speed for me.
When I wrote my first novel four years ago, I was writing about a page an hour.  After 3 or 4 hours, I had no creative juices left.  I was mentally worn out and ready to run outside and jump on the trampoline.
But after years of consistently writing, I’ve gained more confidence and apparently speed.
I didn’t see it coming.  Writing everyday has helped me focus on my thoughts, lasso them in and preciously share what’s going on.  I remember details better, find humor in places I didn’t before and narrow in on little stories that share a big message.
I talked to my mom, Sarah Hinze, a seasoned author of ½ a dozen books or more.
“Do you actually get better at writing the more you do it?” I asked her.
“Sure,” she said. 
Just like baby steps, we learn to crawl, 
to walk 
than run.
Thank you to my special model for proving my point; my daughter Eden.
And I marveled that all the fun I’ve had writing on my blog the last few years has snuck up on me and improved my ability to write. 
I certainly didn’t see that blessing coming.
Ironically, I'm now working on the novel My Dear Trash.  One blessing leads to another.
What about you?  Has blogging helped/improved your writing?  Tips and inspiration?


  1. Great post. And I like your blog. I try to do a writing practice daily, and I have not been successful in putting it in a blog. I think that what I have done has lead me to look at more blogs and improve by reading. I also feel that I have ben more aware of style.

  2. I think that blogging has helped an improved my writing, even though I don't actually get a post up but every other week. I try to do more...but I do write every day, in one form or another. And yes, it has helped my writing.
    great post Laura!

  3. I'm very intrigued about your My Dear Trash novel--

    Great post, Laura.


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