Oct 4, 2011

Time is a Commodity

By Leesa Ostrander
The recent LDS conference talk by Elder Ian Arden about time (http://lds.org/general-conference/watch/2011/10?lang=eng&vid=1194937424001&cid=6 ) has me thinking about my time.
When prioritizing goals, how many of the goals include tomorrow?

Is tomorrow when you will submit a query letter?

Is tomorrow when you begin your self-edit?

Is tomorrow when you apply for the class you have wanted to take?

Is tomorrow when you call a friend you have been thinking of?

Can tomorrow be today?
Making tomorrow today, much will be accomplished.

Time is a valuable commodity. We do not tend to throw away expensive jewelry. When a diamond earring is lost how many hours are spent on looking for it? Why do we then throw away time on being unproductive?

A creative path of writing involves many hours of daydreaming. Ah, I could get lost in where the story could go. Now, how can I make this productive?

By setting a goal that I can work on today. I can push aside distractions. I can push aside addictive social media (eek, sorry fb). I can take a stand and accomplish a step towards my obtainable goal.

In turn, I can find balance of time.

I set a goal to fill my writing practice notebook. I have two handwritten pages to write each day until Nov 3. This marks a huge date for me. On November 3rd I travel to Rosario Beach to the Northwest Round Tuit Retreat. Why this is important is because last year I felt I lost time. I had just lost a good friend to sudden reoccurrence of breast cancer and had to say the thoughts at her service.

This year I hope to take full advantage of my time with wonderful and inspirational friends, that I have the advantage to be with for two and a half days. I will use my time to practice a skill and gain insight to help me balance my path to being productive.

What do you do to keep focused?


  1. I'm guilty of the tomorrow thing myself.

  2. yeah...about that tomorrow thing. I need to think about it...until tomorrow.

    Seriously though...I try to keep a planner and keep track of goals and progress in that. I try to set up little rewards for when I do meet a goal.
    thanks for reminding me to take a second look!


  3. I am guilty guilty guilty of Scarlett o'Hara syndrome. Trying to do better.

    Can't WAIT for NWWR!


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