Oct 29, 2011

My Original Blog Lost In Cyberspace

by Cindy R. Williams

I usually write my blog at least a week prior to my scheduled dated. That gives me time to let it "steep". Then I come back to it and tweak it with fresh eyes. I do this with my writing too. I set it aside for min-breaks now and again, then when I read through it, I find a few spots of brilliance, which always surprises me, and many areas needing work, which doesn't surprise me at all.

This works well for me in both writing blogs and manuscripts, that is unless it gets lost in Cyberspace, which is what my blog did for today. I wrote it last week, went back to it today to edit it, and when I added the picture, the blogger application crashed. I searched everywhere, but "alas, earwax!" (One of my favorite Albus Dumbledore quotes.)

So . . . moral of this blog; use a back up system for your writing, and keep you fingers crossed that blogger won't crash. If you don't have a back-up system, at least email a draft of your manuscript to yourself and possibly one other person. That way if your computer catches the "screen of black death" virus, you have something to fall back on.

Keep writing . . . make your dreams happen, whatever they are!


  1. Sorry your blog was lost. Thanks for the ideas of e-mailing as way of backing up our documents.

  2. Oh no! But then, you would not have shared this valuable piece of advice with us! Great idesa, thanks Cindy!

  3. Well at least you made lemonade and gave the rest of us something to think about.

  4. Making lemonaid from lemons. Great reminder of one of the best analogies in life, right?


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