Oct 15, 2011

Today's Motto: the 8 W's

By Cindy R. Williams

The 8 W's are my motto for today. "Work will win while wishy-washy wishing won't!" This works in all walks of life. Today I'm referring to writing. How many of us waste time wishing things were different, wishing your book was done, wishing your research, outline, synopsis or query were done. Maybe wishing our manuscript was loved by an agent or publisher and we would receive the wonderful email telling us our work is wanted. Well, we all wish for things right? Relax a moment and reflect on what do you do to get yourself out the wishy-washy wishing?

Challenge: How many "W's" are there in this post?  Winner gets . . . the satisfaction of having a knack for finding "W's."


  1. 29? Giggle or should you count the challenge ones as well.

  2. Good question Terri. I found 37 if I include the W in my last name, the challenge and the title. All semantics right?

  3. LOL...I don't have time to count, but I enjoyed reading your post. After last night, I am ready to work...I'll write about that on my post today. hugs~

  4. I don't have time to count. Had to read the post in two sittings as it is. Good points in a fun way.


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