Oct 31, 2011

Halloween Goblins are Afoot

By Tracy Astle

I think my computer may have been infiltrated by Halloween goblins. I worked on a post for more than an hour earlier today...and this isn't it. I couldn't get it to do what I wanted and now the day is getting late.

So, let's talk about holidays. Halloween happens to be my birthday, so I'm a bit partial to it. As a kid I always loved how everyone had so much fun on my birthday. Still do. I knew the hoopla wasn't all about me, but it was still fun having everyone so excited. Now I live in a neighborhood that is crazy with trick-or-treaters. I'm talking 300+ kids coming to our door. Our evening is always hopping.

And now the doorbell is starting to ring. The fun begins.

What do you do for Haloween?


  1. Happy Birthday Tracy!!!!

    Great way to celebrate a birthday - candy!

    We go to our ward trunk-r-treat and go around our small neighborhood. This is enough candy for six months.

  2. Happy Birthday Tracy! How wonderful that everyone is so good to throw parties all around the US for your birthday. Mine is November 6th, and is often election day. Not so much fun as yours.

  3. well, happy belated birthday! How fun! hugs~

  4. Belated happy B-day! Hope the goblins left your computer in working order and left after Halloween.

  5. Happy birthday almost a week late. I always thought Halloween would be a good holiday to have a birthday on--


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