Oct 14, 2011


by Tanya Parker Mills

We lost a wonderful, innovative genius last week. I put off entering the world of Apple for far too long and wondered, once I got my first Mac, why I'd waited. Here's my poetic tribute to the man who made typing and creating so much easier.


Given up at birth
By an educated Syrian father
And an equally learned mother
Into the arms of loving,
Less lettered parents,
He whiled his way through school,
Perhaps surprising no one
When he left its rule to
Follow his own.

Racing time,
He molded masterful manipulatives,
Each designed elegantly to bring the world
To our fingertips
In easy, intuitive ways.

A solid friend,
Dependable, accessible, with a
Mouse that makes the Lion roar.

Bringing music to the masses,
A revolution in song sharing
Between artist and listener.

Our first fisted friend,
There on errands, walks, and runs,
Fusing melody with life.

The iMac in our hands,
And an "app"licable library
For the future.

The iMac and iPod combined,
Simplified and squeezed
To a minimum, yet somehow more.

i's galore,
iBook, iPhoto, iMovie, iLife, iWork,

But this "i" always,



  1. Thanks, Susan. My hat's off to you for attempting NaNoWriMo!

  2. Wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That is really great, Tanya!!! Thanks for writing that. I used your poem on my blog as well with your name on the Poem!! Very well put.

  4. I appreciate your comments, Donna G. and Donna W. And Valerie, I'm glad you found a good use for the poem.

  5. Fabulous! thank you for posting this. hugs~


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