Dec 2, 2011

Who’s your masculine character?

I’m such a romantic and I can’t hide that when I write.  My YA novels incorporate young love; finding that first love, falling in love, really juicy G-rated stuff.  When I wrote my first novel, my male lead was Darren, the love of Winona’s life.  As I explored his character and really dove into who he was, I realized he was exactly like my husband, Derek. 

This writing process was like falling in love all over again.  By exploring Darren's personality, I was allowed into my husband's mind to read his every thought.  I was able to find his insecurities, watch him take chances and risk anything for the love of his life.  I let my imagination go wild (still G-rated, mind you).  It was like therapy. I remember working late in the night, writing and developing my plot.  More then once, I woke Derek up with a kiss and thanked him for being so wonderful. 

My husband is thoughtful, intellectual, warm and confident.  Interesting my fictional male leads seem to have these same characteristics. My male leads are always tall with naturally curly hair too.  Yep, you guessed it!

These has come up more then once.  When I read These Is My Words, I fell in love with Captain Jack Elliot, who in more ways then one was my husband.  When I first read Twilight, I fell in love with Edward Cullen, who in my eyes was so much like my husband. 
 (I'd personally like to thank my husband for fulfilling my fantasy and dressing up like Edward Cullen for Halloween.  I was a Twilight nerd, but even happier when someone suggested I was Stephenie Meyer.)

Isn’t that why reading the book is so much better then seeing the movie?  Our mind let’s us pick who we want to take the lead.  And when you're the author, writing the story is even better.

Who’s your masculine character?  Does he take on the characteristics of the man you love?  


  1. That is so interesting. My male character in one of my books is Nikko and he has the blues eyes ever just like my hubby. :)

    Anna del C.
    Author of "The Silent Warrior Trilogy"

  2. I agree that reading the book is much more fun! I don't write fiction (yet) so I don't have a male character, although I do have a story to write with my grandfather in mind.
    fun post! thanks!

  3. It's changed over the years but yes I agree I like reading over movies with Star Wars and LOTRs as an exception.

  4. No hubby, so my male characters vary quite a bit depending on my imagination for each story idea.


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