Apr 28, 2012

Books and Books and Books, Oh My!

By Cindy R. Williams
Do you love books? Do you love the feel of the pages? Do you love the smell of a new book? Do you love the musty smell of an old book? Do you just love to look at them? Are you a "Hector, the Collector" of books? Do you look at your books and see old friends?

I answer yes to all of the above. I am a dye hard book-aholic.

I took a walk through my books, I mean house and noticed the many, many books. There are books in book cases in my office and family room. There are books on the formal front room table and stacks around the grandfather clock. More books are upstairs on the hall counter and stacked on the antique dresser on the landing. Books fill the book cases in each of my children's rooms. There are ten boxes of books in the garage, three book cases in my bedroom plus the stack by the side of my bed that are priority reads. I can't forget the the three bathroom bookcase--you know, those storage thingies that surround your commode and hold about a hundred books.

Anyway . . . the point is, I tried to count how many books I have, and finally stopped at 2,333. For reals! An educated guess is that I have at least 3,500 books and I think that is probably being conservative.
So, here's the deal. Everyone take a stab at how many books you have in your abode and tell us in the comment section below. I wonder if together we can reach a half a million.
(By the way, the picture at the top isn't from my house . . . but I'm almost as bad.)


  1. I love books, but I definitely do not have the money to spend on that many! I rely heavily on my library to keep the literacy level in our home high :)

    I probably only have a hundred books of my own, and the kids probably have just as many.

  2. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say about 5,000 books are in my possession--between my house, my trailer, and my storage units. It's probably time to activate my BookCrossing account again and leave little presents around.

  3. Oh, you ladies make me feel better. I thought I was a book hog, but I don't think I have more than a thousand titles between my house and storage unit, and I've just started collecting books on my Kindle, but they really don't take up any space. :) They also don't mildew or collect dust, or break my back when I go to lift the box to another corner of the room.

  4. Funny. I never thought about counting them. I LOVE books, the feel of the pages the smell and having them around my house.

    I have at least 1,500 in my house. I have multiple boxes in the garage and give away/share about as many. Between my girls and I, we check out 10 a week from the library. And then I also have Kindle, iBook and critique group reads also.

    I also have at least 200 college books from when I went to college, and the different courses I have taught.

    Yet, I cannot seem to sell or permanently get rid of any of them.

    I looked around and have books in every room of the house, including the bathrooms.

    Eek, I think I have a book problem.

  5. I loved all these comments! We are all such book hoarders given the chance. So far, that puts us up to 11,100 books we all think we have. (Sorry, ebooks don't count here, just those you hold in your hand--nothing wrong with ebooks, just doing an old fashioned book count here.)

    I am going to keep asking in my blog posts for ahile and see if we can reach around 500,000. Sounds daunting, but maybe not with writers.

  6. Wow, Cindy. I just packed the three stuffed book cases in my room. Doug and I have been letting go of books the past couple of years...moving a lot tends to do that...but I think we still have about 600 - 800 books in the house. (I don't feel so guilty now after reading your post!) We love books.
    Fun post! thanks!

  7. Thanks Kari. I am going to add in 800 books for you to make the new total 11,900 books and counting.


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