Apr 17, 2012

In Honor of National Poetry Month

By Leesa Ostrander

In honor of National Poetry Month I want to share a poem I wrote out of despair when my uncle died. It is not only my uncle dying that caused the surge of emotions. In three short weeks I lost suddenly, my grandpa, then my uncle (to everyone's shock) and my grandma. These three weeks were heart wrenching for my entire family.

In the years since, I have realized three ways I cope with pain. First, I have 15 second pity parties. Second, I sulk in quiet internal despair. Last, I write. The system does not always turn out to be the most productive or beneficial for those around me. Yet, it is my system of functioning and I am okay with it.

I have also noticed that my system is not good for everyone.

However, my time of writing does benefit others. First, it is a talent I can share. Next, I put words on a paper that one other person may be able to relate to. This to me is the most important. If I can help someone else put thoughts to together that is disorganized in their life, my purpose and system is inspirationally significant.

With this I give you my thoughts for my uncle:

Do not weep for me
It was my time to go
Do not long for me
I will find you
Do not cry for me
I had a great time
Do not miss me
I am near by

Do remember my smile
Let it lighten your soul
Do let the morning sunshine
Begin a cheerful day
Do remember my wisdom
I am here for you
Do let the evening colors
Remind you to hold true

1 comment:

  1. Good for you Leesa! Yes, we all have our individual ways of working through grief and pain and even joy.
    Losing so many loved ones is hard enough...but in such a short time had to have been excruciating.

    Thank you for sharing your tender thoughts about your uncle!


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