Apr 12, 2012

Tweets To Share

By Susan G. Haws

 I want to share two tweets I read. I hope it is OK to copy a tweet. . If it isn't it was done with good intentions. This tweet illustrates a lot of the things I like about ANWA and writing.

Thumbs up to my publisher. Two copies of sanderson books in the Perth airport. (Near gate 12). Both are now stealth-signed. 

I love that.  I especially love the "stealth-signed." In that little tweet I see the little-kid-at-Christmas joy and the jump-up-and-down pride of making a basket or winning the science fair and the giving back. 

 I see the same joy and pride at ANWA conference, in yahoo groups and writer blogs and at chapter meetings. The joy of accomplishing goals and dreams. Seeing your books in a bookstore rack or display has got to be amazing. Then to be on another continent and see your books has got to be an up in the ante. Wins after years of work. 

The thanks to the publisher for prime selling space is not to be discounted as I watch authors marketing their works (book babies). 

Some lucky, tired travelers will have an extra bonus with their purchase. (Talk about your win/win. It had to make Mr. Sanderson as happy to sneak sign the books as the owners will be happy to find them signed.) Authors both in and out of  ANWA are so supportive and helpful to others learning the craft. Generous sharing resources, tips and encouragement. 

The other tweet I want to share completely hit the spot for me. I have lamented in the past that my muse doesn't always send me the sort of ideas I want. I had to come to terms with that. I do love my ideas and I want to share them. I hope that eventually some will resonate with other people. Also, I get ideas for characters and settings that are very  3D to me. I also have been woken up with very clear dreams that I rush to record as much as possible before the dream fades.  I love hearing people talk about their characters, completed books and works in progress.

David Farland
 When you are transported by a dream, waking or sleeping, that feels so real you can taste, smell and feel, it's time to write.

I hope these two tweets perked up your day as much as they did mine.



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