Apr 2, 2012

To Everything There is a Season

By Tracy Astle

I hope you'll excuse me for getting personal today, but I just can't contain myself.

As we all know, sometimes life can stretch our souls beyond what we think is our ability to endure, like when the Spirit directs us to let a child go ("Testify and let go," is the exact inspiration I received over and over again), then for years to come being required to watch this child go further and further down "forbidden paths" and subject himself to habits and addictions which we only hope won't entrap him so thoroughly that he won't return.

Truly a time to weep, a time to mourn.

Then we get to experience what at the blackest times seemed almost unimaginable. The light shines brightly again as we receive the blessing we have long pleaded, fasted and prayed for.

I truly have no words to express my feelings today as I prepare to put my son on a plane bound for the Missionary Training Center day after tomorrow. Awestruck, humbled, overflowing with gratitude, these are just a few feeble words that come to mind, but in no way come close to touching the depth of feelings I have. The blessings you've sought, or are still seeking, may be different from mine, but so many of the feelings are the same.

Now, a time to laugh, a time to dance.

If you have received the desire of your heart, I rejoice with you and invite you to recall the sweetness of that. If you have yet to receive what your soul yearns for, I give you the words of Michael McLean, "Hold on, the light will come." If we endure in faith, I know it will.

I promise.


  1. I'm rejoicing with you! I remember the emotions so clearly when we left our son at the MTC just . . . wow, six years ago. That truly was a time to weep, but not mourn. Be prepared for the blessings to pour out upon you and your family for the next two years--at least.

  2. I wish him luck on his mission (and you!) We are still several years away from that for my children, but I'm getting anxious about sending them to school and not being the only influence in their lives anymore.

    Milestones are growing experiences for everyone!

  3. I myself sometimes have to be reminded that when we follow the Spirit's promptings, it does work out.


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