Apr 14, 2012

by Cindy R. Williams

How to waste writing time:

Answer the phone every time it rings. - train of thought buster
Check email, Facebook and games, Twitter, blog, surf the net . . .
Clean house - Yikes!
Cook - Yum!
Eat - Yummier!
Nibble - Yummiest!
Exercise - Now you know you really are stalling.
Self doubt - Stop it! (some of the best advice ever thanks to Pres. Uchtdorf)

Okay, some of these things listed MUST be addressed, but not during your dedicated writing time.

I learned to set phone boundaries from being a music teacher in my home. If the phone rings during a music lesson, I don't take the call. Although I am at home, I am working. The student has paid for 30 minutes, and it is my job to be honest and give them that time. I show myself the same respect when I am writing.

Take this challenge: track time spent doing these for a week. It sure adds up. Look at all the writing time wasted.

Exercise is critical for your physical, spiritual and emotional self. Schedule it and DO IT! Just don't do it as an avoidance to write.

If you focus and work hard at the task at hand, it seems to fall into place. Focus and work hard at cleaning and organizing the house. Focus and work hard when it is time to fix meals. When family, friends, neighbors and loved ones need you, focus and give them quality time.

When it is time to write, set your "I must please the world" guilt aside and write. The world will keep turning.

Writing for many of us fills our wells. You will accomplish the things you were meant to accomplish, feel happy, and be a better mom, daughter, wife, friend, example and even a better writer.


  1. I like that...DO IT! Okay, I will!

  2. Good point. We should give the time we would to a regular job to our writing. I like that.

  3. Thank you! Well said and well needed at my corner of the world.

    I like how you remined us to focus on the task and do it well. Great point.

  4. Thanks for the comments, all!

    You know, the posts we choose to write are much like talks in Sacrament; She who writes the post either needs it the most, or learns the most from it.

    I am trying hard to practice what I preach.

  5. Haha! My favorite line -- "Exercise - Now you know you really are stalling." Love it!

    Great points, all. I know the thing that has impressed me most about watching Aprilynne succeed with her writing is that she has done exactly what you pointed out: She treats her writing like the job that it is. She gives devoted time, space, and energy to her writing career.

    I spend a lot of time avoiding writing because I'm trying to "please the world" as you put it. Thanks for your insight, Cindy. You rock.


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